Separate Page: Certification and Licensing Requirements
What most people consider a license is actually state certification with the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC). International College of Holistic Studies certifies training. The school certification is typically 500 hours for the Massage Therapist program or 1000 hours for the Holistic Health Practitioner program. International College of Holistic Studies graduates are usually in high demand as our therapist is San Diego County receive a range of different modalities and massage techniques. As a CAMTC approved institution, the curriculum offered at International College of Holistic Studies allows students to be eligible for their Massage Therapy Certification at 500 hours. This is commonly referred to as a license.
The State of California currently requires a minimum of 500 hours of training or more of Massage Therapy education from a CAMTC approved school, with a minimum of 100 hours of instruction of the following subjects:

• Anatomy
• Physiology
• Contraindications
• Health & Hygiene
• Business & Ethics

For the written portion of their licensing requirements, the California Massage Therapy Council recognizes the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) or the National Certification exams provided by National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB).

The School’s Holistic Health Practitioner program will also qualify the student for National Certification. National Certification may be obtained by submitting an application for certification, along with the appropriate documentation to the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

Applying to Take the FSMTB (MBLEx) Licensing Exam
The School will provide students with information about licensure in California. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the appropriate licensing examination application and get information about the licensing exam.

For the MBLEx: According to the FSMTB website, the process is as follows:

• Submit Application: Candidate may apply online or by mail.
• Application Processing: FSMTB processes the application within five business days.
• Authorization to Test (ATT): FSMTB sends ATT via email, candidate must test within 90 days.
• Schedule MBLEx: Candidates may schedule online or call toll free, selecting date, time and location.
• Confirmation: Appointment confirmation is sent to candidate via email.
• Take MBLEx: Candidate will receive results at the testing center and the FSMTB sends results to the designated state board or agency within 24 hours.

Steps to receiving your CAMTC Certification

1) Complete your state exam (MBLEx) – for information on how to apply and take your exam, refer to the following website: . It is recommended that students review the Candidate Handbook prior to applying for the MBLEx. There is a copy available at the ICOHS Administrative Lounge.

2) Live Fingerprint Scan
• Go to:
• Select “Certification” from the Menu Bar
• Sub-menu “Apply” -> Select Massage Therapist Request for Live Scan Service
Print and complete the form
• Bring the form with you when you request to get your fingerprinted

3) Passport Photo
• Locate facilities that take passport photos. PostalAnnex is a common location to get your passport photo taken.

4) CAMTC Application
• Go to:
• Select “Certification” from the Menu Bar
• Sub-menu “Apply” -> Select “Application to download and complete by hand”
• Complete your application and attach your passport photo and provide a copy of your ID. Mail your application with the check, or money. You can also pay online.

5) Transcripts
• Contact the International College of Holistic Studies Admissions office to request a copy of your transcripts to be mailed to CAMTC. It is important that we send your transcripts after you have completed your application as your application must be on file.

6) Receive confirmation from CAMTC that your application was received.

How do I get certified in a different State?
Requirements necessary to work as a Massage Therapist vary depending on the State. Hence, certification in the State of California is not transferable to the State of Nevada. Certification with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage is nationally recognized and may serve in securing job employment. It is highly recommended that graduates obtain certification with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage as it may substitute licensure (depending on the State). Visit: for more details.
Do I need insurance?
In the case that a client gets hurt while receiving a massage, Liability Insurance covers Massage Therapist. Most employers require that their Massage Therapist have insurance of some kind. It is important to ensure that the Massage Therapist is insured to prevent any liability damage.
International College of Holistic Studies is partnered with ABMP, Associate Bodywork & Massage Professionals, an organization that offers full-coverage insurance plans and career building benefits. Go to for more details regarding insurance.
How do I find out about jobs and potential employers?
International College of Holistic Studies has an extensive employment network which are posted on our website at regular intervals. If you are interested in seeing the postings, you can click here:



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