How do I apply?

Here is a wonderful link for you, Apply now.  However, we are here to serve you!  Call us during business hours and we will walk you through the application process (it will only take you about 15 minutes).  858.581.9460  Ask for Gerard or Veronica.

What kind of hands on practice does ICoHS provide to help me be successful in my chosen field?

Our classes are integrated with both the theoretical and practical teaching methodologies.  Students are taught in all the classes.  Furthermore, ICOHS provides a wide array of practicum/internship/research opportunities for our students.

Will ICoHS help me to find a job after I graduate?

ICOHS is dedicated to providing the resources students will need to transition from the classroom environment to a successful career.  Our career and placement representative will be working with all of our students prior to graduation.  Furthermore, the practicum/internship is a requirement for most of our programs, and this may lead to full employment.  ICOHS does not guarantee student placement.

What kind of financial assistance does ICOHS offer or participate?

ICOHS offers the following assistance programs:

  1. Veterans Assistance 
  2. Work Investment Act Fund
  3. Vocational Rehabilitation

ICoHS provides interest-free payment plans for those who do not qualify for the above programs.  You will need to come in and speak with a financial representative for consideration.

When is the deadline to apply?

We do not like deadlines, but there are limited spaces for each quarter.  We encourage you to get your application in as soon as possible to avoid being deferred to the next quarter.   Please see the academic calendar.

Can I transfer credits from my previous institution to my program at ICOHS?

Your transfer credits must be from an accredited institution.  We will accept up to 50% of your program as long as the classes have the same learning objectives as the respective classes from ICOHS.  Also, we can only apply transfer classes completed within the past 10 years.

Can I take a single class instead of enrolling in the program at ICoHS?

Sure you can!  It is called a Continuing Education Unit (CEU).  These CEUs can be applied to future programs.  These CEU classes follow the same policies as transfer credits.

Does the school provide parking for students?

There is free neighborhood parking available for students.  Please check the following link. Neighborhood Parking Map  Unfortunately, ICOHS does not provide on-site parking.

Can I enroll in more than one program?

We want you to enroll in many programs, but you need to complete one program at a time.  The most popular program is the Holistic Heath Practitioner, which allows you to specialize in multiple fields.  This will allow you to be more marketable in the holistic industry.

Can I attend the school on a part-time basis?

Part-time is defined as less than 180 hours per quarter.  Full-time is defined as 180 hours or more.  Students must be able to complete their courses within 150% of the specified program time.

Can I attend ICOHS without a high school diploma?


What is the teacher to student ratio?

The average classroom size is approximately 1:10.  The maximum amount of students in a classroom is no more than 27.

What makes ICOHS different from other holistic schools?

Are you ready to take on this journey?  If so, here is what you can expect:

  • Dedication to the holistic lifestyle. Our motto is, “we are here to serve,” and this is permeated throughout the school.  When you walk into ICoHS, you will be able to experience this “serving” attitude.  We value your comments and suggestions and will strive to fulfill your demands.
  • Highly qualified and leading instructors from various fields of study. Please look at each of our instructors bio’s.
  • At ICOHS, our dynamic curriculum balances Eastern and Western perspectives; the foundation at ICOHS gives our students the competitive edge.
  • ICOHS Student Services will meet and exceed expectations for our students to ensure that they receive the following: Counseling, Academic preparation, assistance in job placement, and ample hands-on training.


I’m new to San Diego, what’s Little Italy like?
  • Little Italy provides the taste and atmosphere that inspires individuals to become givers. Located in Downtown San Diego, it is the perfect place to experience the food, art, and culture of a thriving international community.
Will I be guaranteed job opportunities when I graduate?
  • While ICOHS cannot guarantee employment, our student services department diligently seeks out and connects our students with the best opportunities available in the market.
Does my tuition cover my books and other materials?
  • No, tuition does not cover your book and other fees. Please see the ICOHS Catalog for details.
Are your facilities handicap friendly?
  • ICOHS is 100% handicap friendly.
Does the school have a cafeteria?
  • While ICOHS does not sell food directly, the facility does provide students with a dining area, kitchens with refrigerator and microwave, and taps throughout the school that dispense alkaline water.
Do I need a Student Visa to study at International College of Holistic Studies?

Yes, you need to apply for an M-1 visa.

What is an M-1 visa?

An M-1 visa is an immigration document that permits foreign citizens to come to the U.S. to study full-time at a vocation school for the duration of the academic program of their choice. For more details, please visit: :