Regulations for Massage vary by City or state with some places do not regulate massage. See the link below and always check for the most updated information pertaining to where you will be practicing.

California Certification

In California, there are two pathways to working as a massage therapist:

Voluntary California state certification through the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) that allows you to work anywhere in California with one certification, or Receiving licenses or permits in individual cities or countries as necessary.

The California legislature established a non-profit organization, the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC), to certify California massage therapists to work anywhere in California without also obtaining a city or county massage permit or license. ICoHS graduates qualify to be Certified Massage Therapists by the CAMTC.

The purpose behind CAMTC’s creation was to serve the interests of the public and the massage profession by making the process of certification the same throughout the state, rather than different in each city and county. Statewide certification through CAMTC will streamline massage therapist registration procedures, help local governments keep track of whether a massage therapist is actually licenses or certified elsewhere, and will increase trans- parency for the general public about what “certified” stands for in a title.

City or County Permits or Licenses

California cities and counties have a variety of massage rules, regulations, and fees. Some California cities require minimal hours of training while other cities require comprehensive training, and some fees are modest while some are expensive.

Outside the State of California

Students who wish to pursue their professional massage therapy practice outside of the state of California after they graduate, whether as a private practitioner or as an employee of an organization, are responsible to check that state’s requirements on their own behalf.

Business Licenses

Massage Therapists who have a private practice should also note that they are responsible for obtaining a business license in the city or country in which they operate. Please consult with a lawyer or other professionals to ensure city, state, and federal laws are abided.

Faculty Qualifications

In order to be considered a candidate, applicants for the teacher’s position must have a minimum of three years’ experience in the Massage Therapy field or related field in which they will instruct. Applicants must have completed a formal educational training in the field of massage therapy and hold a certificate, or combination of certificates, that total no less than 500 hours. All candidates who apply for a position must also demonstrate professional and ethical attributes that are consistent with International College of Holistic Studies’ standards and philosophy.