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Program Description

The objective of this program is to offer students a holistic overview while providing the highest level of certification as recognized for massage and bodywork professionals for those who wish to further enhance their credibility in the profession. Graduates of this program will be qualified to meet licensing requirements for the State of California to practice as Holistic Health Practitioner, incorporating a variety of holistic therapies into their practice for effective healing and therapy. Upon completing certification, graduates can work in Day spas, Chiropractic/wellness centers as employees, independent contractors, or as an entrepreneur of their own practice.


Once a rare experience, Massage has become a staple therapy and general lifestyle activity in today’s modern society. Massage gets us out of our heads and back into our bodies. It creates grounding, nourishes the soul and almost magically creates body relief from pains and stress. The highly qualified ICoHS Holistic Health Practitioner use almost any of the many styles of massage taught as appropriate to the needs of each client.

Code Program Courses Clock Hours Prerequisite
HOC 100 Holistic Consciousness 30
HOC 101 Eastern Perspectives 45
A&P 101 Anatomy and Physiology I 30
A&P 102 Anatomy and Physiology II 30  A&P 101
A&P 103 Anatomy and Physiology III 30 A&P 102
BEC 101 Business, Ethics and Communication I 30
BEC 102 Business, Ethics and Communication II 30
KIN 101 Kinesiology 30
MSG 101 Parasympathetic Massage 45
MSG 102 Circulatory (Swedish Massage) 45
MSG 103 Touch Anatomy 30
MSG 104 Client Assessment 30
MSG 105 Deep Tissue Massage 30
MSG 201 Movement Therapy 30
NUT 101 Holistic Nutrition I 30
PAT 101 Pathology 45
ZEN 101 Zen Touch™ Shiatsu I 30
MBL 100 Mblex Test Prep and CPR First Aid 45  Academic Coordinator(s) approval
PRA 202* Holistic Health Practitioner – Practicum 55  Academic Coordinator(s) approval
Elective Courses 330
TOTAL 1000

*To be eligible for PRA 202, students must have successfully completed A&P 101, A&P 102, BEC 101, MSG 101, MSG 102, MSG 104, MSG 105 and PAT 101.