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Program Description

The Objective of the Professional Massage Therapist program is to offer students advanced education and training in massage therapy techniques. The program exceeds the standard training requirements to obtain a certificate to work as a Massage Therapist in the State of California through the California Massage Therapy Council. Students will receive in-depth training on bodywork techniques and effective methods for improving the health and well-being of future clients. Students will also have the opportunity to select a concentration which will provide additional training on a variety of advanced massage modalities. Upon completion of programs, graduates will be qualified to work in day spas, chiropractors’ offices, health clubs, or independent contractors operating their own business.

Core PMT Requirements

Code Program Courses Clock Hours Prerequisite
HOC 100 Holistic Consciousness 30
A&P 101 Anatomy and Physiology I 30
A&P 102 Anatomy and Physiology II 30  A&P 101
A&P 103 Anatomy and Physiology III 30  A&P 102
BEC 101 Business, Ethics and Communication I 30
BEC 102 Business, Ethics and Communication II 30  BEC 101
KIN 101 Kinesiology 30
MSG 101 Parasympathetic Massage 45
MSG 102 Circulatory (Swedish Massage) 45
MSG 103 Touch Anatomy 30
MSG 104 Client Assessment 30  MSG 102
MSG 105 Deep Tissue Massage 30  MSG 102
MSG 201 Movement Therapy 30  MSG 102
PAT 101 Pathology 45
MBL 100 MBLEx Test Prep and CPR First Aid 45  Academic Coordinator’s Approval
PRA 203 Practicum 60  A&P 101, MSG 101, MSG 102, BEC 101 and PAT 101
Concentration Courses (4) Select one concentration area 120
Electives Course 30
Electives Course 30



This concentration provides students with hands-on training and experience performing popular modalities offered in day spas. In addition to core massage modalities, students will also learn Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian Massage. Therapeutic benefits and uses for Aromatherapy and Spa Techniques provide the ultimate spa experience with a variety of treatment options to promote wellness. Students will learn to perform therapies such as body exfoliations and body wraps, facial treatments, dry skin brushing, hand and foot treatments and will be provided the opportunity to design and market their own signature spa treatment.

Code Program Courses Clock Hours Prerequisite
HER 10 Spa Techniques 30
HER 104 Aromatherapy 30
MSG 14 Lomi Lomi 30
MSG 255 Special Populations 30


This concentration provides training in orthopedic massage techniques for treatment of a variety of soft tissue pain and injuries. Specific injuries will be covered throughout different areas of the body. Some examples include tendonitis, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel, TMJ and Oncology massage to name a few. Treatment aids such as hot/cold applications will be taught in support of massage protocol and non-invasive hands-on techniques to release tension, pain, and dysfunction in the body with the goal to promote optimal heal

Code Program Courses Clock Hours Prerequisite
MSG 250 Orthopedic Massage 60 A&P 101, MSG 101, MSG 102, BEC 101 and PAT 101
MSG 60 Craniosacral Therapy 30
MSG 255 Special Populations 30

ENERGY WORK (120 hours):

This concentration prepares students to perform healing techniques by channeling life force energy for self-care and healing, and the treatment of others. Students will receive attunements and initiation into the lineage of the Usui method for natural healing to perform hands-on healing as a channel for Reiki energy.   Students will learn the history, principles, and practices of Reiki and Chi Kung. A concentration in energy work promotes balance and overall well-being for both the practitioner and client.

Code Program Courses Clock Hours Prerequisite
MSG 13 Reiki I 30
MSG 54 Reiki II 30  MSG 13
CHI 101 Chi Kung 30
MSG 255 Special Populations 30

ASIAN BODYWORK (120 hours):

This concentration provides students an introduction to massage techniques based on a variety of eastern massage modalities. Emphasis is placed on the treatment of human body, mind, and spirit with the application of touch and pressure along the body’s energy channels. Students will learn applications and theory in the following traditions: Traditional Thai massage (soft style), Shiatsu, Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine. Each of the modalities offers a similar yet different approach in treating the body and its energy channels.

Code Program Courses Clock Hours Prerequisite
MSG 11 Ayurvedic Massage 30
MSG 240 Thai Massage 45
ZEN 102 Shiatsu II 45

SPORTS MASSAGE (120 hours):

This concentration will provide students the knowledge and hands-on practice of specialized massage techniques focusing on athletic performance. Students will learn specific sports massage techniques to help athletes in competition, improve their athletic performance and recovery. Sports specific treatments and protocol include the following areas of study: pre-event, post-event, setting up on-site of an event, maintenance massage, as well as injury prevention and management. Students will have the opportunity to practice on professional athletes as a part of their training and experience.

Code Program Courses Clock Hours Prerequisite
MSG 260 Sports Massage Techniques 60  A&P 101, MSG 101, MSG 102, BEC 101 and PAT 101
MSG 56 Trigger Point Therapy 30
MSG 10 Russian Sport Massage 30