Finding it difficult to afford massage certification?

Many of our students are on tight budgets. In most cases we can work with you on monthly payments or provide a  S.A. S.O. H.A / Self Advancement Serving Others  Healing Arts Scholarship.  As a 501c 3 Non-Profit org, ICoHS donors support scholarships for those in unusually challenging situations who also show the necessary desire, motivation, and commitment to learning. Write an essay on your current financial hardship and what you would like to do with a massage, nutrition and/or Holistic education. Scholarships are provided twice a year. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information.

S.A.S.O.H.A. Scholarship Testimonials

  • "The school has changed me for the better in many ways and I'm truly grateful for it and all the new wonderful experiences and people in my life because of it. ICOHS, in many ways, helped me discover my worth as the amazing individual I am by surrounding me with the proper tools needed for my educational and personal growth. From knowledgeable teachers and staff members, to a loving and safe learning environment, ICOHS is an amazing school to attend for a potential career in Holistic Health."

    David Ellis
    David Ellis Holistic Health Practitioner