The ICoHS clinic connection to our school that teaches hundreds of classes in  holistic therapeutic interventions, allows clients to receive  the widest range of modern therapies that are customized for the needs of each and every client that visits us. In contrast to most spas and health centers that offer a menu of 5 – 20   service items for clients to choose from, ICoHS practitioners provide literally hundreds of modalities to apply with a client. Practitioners are taught to develop their own style using any of the many techniques they study.

A very important theme of our college and clinic is to educate people to help themselves. The actual therapies-bodywork, nutrition, remedies, herbs and communication approach are designed to train the client’s body mind and soul to  change, transform or  heal from within. We don’t fix anybody. We facilitate the body’s own health enhancing abilities. Clients get better and the effects of sessions last longer because the practitioner’s touch and / or recommendations empower the client to heal themselves.

Eventually, clients learn the necessary tools to change their own health conditions and follow up sessions are not necessary. Instead, return visits are like tune -ups or reeducation reminders and  sometimes a welcome indulgence in the soothing experience of Holistic Health therapies with an educated and compassionate practitioner.

In every touch
In every word
Bathed in all the senses-
sound, sight, taste, touch, and scent
I embrace the healing within
Absorb through every cell, I can tell
I feel and live the balance
Shhhh…Listen…  Be
‘Tis truly me