Alicia RaposaICOHS Instructor

    Alicia is an avid health and garden consultant, herbalist, educator and plant communicator.  Her life-long passion and respect for plants and the Earth started early. Alicia was raised growing and making everything she ate and needed.  Then in 2009, her health became seriously compromised and it was then that she learned the concept of holistic health.  Alicia learned that taking care of physical health alone is not sufficient and that one must nurture his/her mental, emotional and spiritual health as well to be at his/her best.  After graduating from college, Alicia embarked on a year-long adventure through South America learning from local farmers and shamans.  Upon returning to the US, she continued her schooling in the field of Herbalism, Holistic Nutrition and Energy Work and started her own business, Empowered Planting, with the goal of guiding people to improve themselves through holistic approaches and gardening practices.  Alicia teaches her students and clients to respect plants and regard them as powerful and inspiring teachers.  Whether on a hike with her class or working in her garden, Alicia is consistently mindful of the environment-human exchange and staying connected with the Earth.