Jeff WergelandICOHS Instructor

    Jeff first came to the School of Healing Arts in 1995 so that he could take as many classes as possible from his first sports massage instructor, Dave Disney. Dave really inspired Jeff to work with Olympic athletes and since 2001, he has been working with some of the top women professional soccer players in the world including over a dozen Norwegian and U.S. Olympic gold medalists and World Cup Champions. Since 2004, Jeff has been the team massage therapist for the San Diego Sea Lions women’s soccer team and during the fall of 2009, he traveled to Norway to do massage for one of the top women’s soccer clubs there.   Jeff helped start the school’s Western Sports Massage internship program and continually strives to provide opportunities for his students to get valuable experience doing massage for some of the top athletes in the San Diego area. Before starting his massage career Jeff graduated first in his class in the college of engineering at San Diego State University and received a microelectronics fellowship to attend graduate school at UC San Diego. At the same he was enjoying this high level of academic success, Jeff was also having serious vision problems which resulted in him having cornea transplants on both eyes. After taking a medical leave of absence from his Ph.D. program, Jeff worked in private industry for several years before starting his transition from engineering into massage. Jeff has been licensed to do massage in the City of San Diego since 1993 and has a private practice called Nordic Touch.