Julie Plunkett M.H.,C.N.ICOHS Instructor

    Julie has been fascinated by holistic nutrition and herbology since the early 1970’s. She read everything she could get her hands on back then, including the great iconic authors such as Adele Davis, Pavo Airola, Morton Walker, Bernard Jenson; and Jethro Klaus the great American herbalist. Julie was a whole-foods chef in the late 70’s and learned a great deal about healthy cooking and eating. Fast forward to the 80’s Julie completed her first holistic nutrition training; then in the 90’s she completed her primary medical herbalism training with the great David Hoffman, author of the sentinel herbal, Holistic Herbalism (and 6 other books). Throughout the 90’s Julie was taught and mentored by other great herbalists, such as Ed Smith, founder of Herb Pharm (major herb grower and extract producer). Julie was Herb Pharm’s national, herbal educator for 10 years as well (2004-2014) Julie continued to love the field of nutrition and completed a board-certification degree in clinical nutrition in the late 90’s. Julie deeply believes that to truly help people with healing on the deepest level, a clinical practitioner needs to have an education in holistic nutrition as well as herbal medicine – the former is the basis for the later. The blending of the two disciplines has proven to be a wonderful, harmonious tool-box to create balance and healing for her community of her clients. Julie is currently working at a thriving, local, integrated pharmacy as a holistic health consultant.  Julie has taught at the iconic School of Healing Arts in San Diego since the 90’s, which is now, The International College of Holistic Studies, which she is honored to be a part of. “Ancient Chinese wisdom says that teaching is a divine profession … I feel this to be very true, and I am honored to serve this community as a holistic health educator”.