Karen Heine Zlatic, HHPICOHS Instructor

    Karen Heine Zlatic has been a leader in Holistic Health, Healing, and Wellness for nearly three decades. With a mission “to always be of service and to treat the body, mind and soul as one,” she began her private practice in 1987. She uses her knowledge and training in massage, nutritional counseling, and natural medicine to assist others in attaining optimal health.

    Karen received her certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner from the Institute of Health Sciences in 1987, now known as the School of Healing Arts. She then became an instructor in their Massage Trainee Program. Through the integration of bodywork, communication, and the application of essential oils, Karen finds many compliments to healing.

    Currently, Karen continues her private practice as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Natural Healthcare Educator in San Diego, CA. She is an part-time teacher to children in the San Diego Unified School District, to adults in the School of Healing Arts, and to families, groups, or anyone needs assistance in health through the natural protection of essential oils.