About ICoHS

Inspiring the Path of Balance

Our commitment to your future success makes a difference! We have decades of study, professional experience and academic innovation invested in providing the courses you need to succeed! We take an avid interest in your progress, create an environment that forges life-long relationships and strive to provide an experience that includes academic greatness, personal insights and fun. It is our responsibility to see that you master the skills you need in your chosen specialization. Then we go one step further, teaching you how to build and maintain a thriving professional practice. Since 1984, thousands of our graduates have gone on to work in rewarding careers in their chosen field.

Our students come from all over the world, but they all have one thing in common – a desire to change and improve their life. ICoHS students find their time here exciting, challenging and fulfilling. Many of our graduates tell us that their experience at ICoHS ignites a passion they have long been seeking in their lives.

At ICoHS we believe in balance, and ICoHS students often report improvements in their overall sense of well-being. Our students frequently find they experience a more balanced integration of their professional life with their personal beliefs and values. With an ICoHS education, these same benefits can be yours.

Our History

ICoHS International College was originally founded by Doug Peterson in 1984 as the Institute of Health Sciences. In 1990, under the direction of Seymour Koblin and the Board of Directors, the name of the school changed to The School of Healing Arts to better reflect the community oriented vision of holistic health. For over 30 years, the School of Healing Arts has played an important role in helping students receive training in the field of Eastern and Western approaches to massage, nutrition, herbs, exercise and other holistic health modalities.

In 2015, the Board of Directors, envisioned the School of Healing Arts expanding internationally. This vision ultimately led to the institution changing the name from the School of Healing Arts to International College of Holistic Studies, (ICOHS) located in the heart of downtown San Diego.

ICoHS continues to evolve, becoming ICoHS International College in 2018. ICoHS is proud to now offer new programs, including our Computer Technician program, and exciting new career paths to students wishing to change and improve their lives.

As a non-profit 501c3 school, ICoHS International College works with the Board of Directors: Kieu L. Vo, Ronald M. Sahmel and Dr. Lucy Scantlebury. The School’s operations are governed by the Board of Directors.

Campus Location And Hours


Located in San Diego’s famous “Little Italy,” the ICoHS campus is just blocks from the San Diego Bay. With every mode of transportation nearby, ICoHS is easily accessible. From our friendly staff to our beautifully designed space, ICoHS provides students with the resources to succeed.

Office Hours

The Administration Office is open during the following hours:

Monday – Thursday 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday varies depending on training