School Approvals and Alliance

At ICoHS we are proud of the accreditation we have earned, the strong alliances we have forged, and the partnerships we have created.

  • Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET):

    ACCET was founded in 1974 for the purpose of improving continuing education and training and has been officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Education since 1978 as a “reliable authority” as to the quality of education and training provided by the institutions we accredit. Accreditation serves the interests of companies, agencies, and the public through the establishment of standards, policies, and procedures in conjunction with an objective third-party professional evaluation designed to identify and inspire sound education and training practices. When such a process is matched by an institution’s commitment to high standards and accountability, a partnership for quality becomes reality.

  • California Bureau for Private Post- Secondary Education (BPPE):

    ICoHS has met the standards of approval by the Bureau for Private Post- Secondary Education to operate in the State of California. Approval to operate means ICoHS is compliant with the minimum standards contained in the California Private Post- Secondary Education Act of 2009 (as amended) and Division 7.5 of Title 5 of California Code of Regulations. The Bureau establishes educational standards for instructional quality and institutional stability for private post- secondary schools in California. The Bureau responds to student complaints and oversees a fund designed to help reimburse a student’s tuition if a school closes unexpectedly. Any questions students may have regarding this catalog that have not been satisfactorily answered by ICoHS may be directed to the Bureau for Private Post- Secondary Education at 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95833,, toll-free telephone number (888) 370-7589 or by fax (916) 263-1897.

  • California Massage Therapy Council Approval (CAMTC):

    ICoHS is a member of the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) and the curriculum is approved through the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC). As such, the ICoHS curriculum has met the certification requirements set forth by the California Massage Therapy Council.

    The CAMTC massage therapist certification process was created to implement a statewide certification process with clear standards of preparation and education. CAMTC certification allows for the following:

    • Requires only one certificate to work in the entire state of California.
    • Standardizes eligibility for all cities and counties.
    • Offers affordable fees for massage professionals.
    • Further legitimizes the massage therapy profession.

  • US Immigration and Custom Enforcement Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP):

    Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP): SEVP is the Student and Exchange Visitor Program, a bureau of the Department of Homeland Security responsible for approving and managing schools that are authorized to enroll nonimmigrant students in the F and M visa classifications. ICoHS is authorized to enroll foreign students under the regulations set forth by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and can issue I-20 documents for M-1 student visas.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Services (VR & E):

    ICoHS International College works with the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment services (VR & E) to assist students with financial needs. The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Services provides services to students who seek job training, employment accommodations, resume development and job skills. Students who have served on Active Duty and wish to attend ICoHS may be eligible for financial assistance and accommodations providing an opportunity for students to pursue their career paths and achieve their goals as it relates to employment in the industry.

  • Department of Veteran Affairs (VA):

    ICoHS works with the Department of Veterans Affairs to assist students who have served on Active Duty with the costs associated with getting an education. Students who have served on Active Duty may be eligible for education benefits offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs under the GI Bill. Our state approved school is eligible for veteran educational expenses. Veterans can go to school full time and receive full time living expenses through the Department of Veteran Affairs.

  • Workforce Investment Act (W.I.A):

    ICoHS International College is approved by the San Diego Workforce Partnership, thereby providing students financial assistance opportunities. Our programs enable eligible youth and adults to develop the skills needed to become employed. All adults, age 18 or older, are eligible to receive services. Additional assistance is available to unemployed individuals who have been unable to obtain work or those who are employed but need additional training to reach self-sufficiency.

  • National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB):

    ICoHS works alongside the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) to advance the highest standards in the massage therapy and bodywork profession. ICoHS continues to update its curriculum to be aligned with the high standards set by both the State and the National Certification Board and has met the requirements to be an NCBTMB Assigned School. School Certification through NCBTMB concentrates on raising the standards of massage therapist and the profession through higher education, credentialing, and a curriculum conducive of the skills necessary to succeed.

  • Associated Bodywork and Massage Professional (ABMP):

    The Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) is a professional massage association representing massage, bodywork, somatic practitioner, and estheticians. ICoHS works alongside ABMP to provide the most resources available to students as they align with industry trends and guidelines. This collaboration allows for a curriculum that offers students with the resources necessary to succeed.

  • Yoga Alliance (YA)

    The ICoHS Yoga Instructor program is approved through the Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Alliance certification process was created to implement a statewide certification process with clear standards of preparation and education for Yoga programs. The collaboration between ICoHS International College and Yoga Alliance allows for a curriculum that meets the standards of certification, thereby providing students with the education necessary to become a Certified Yoga Teacher. Hence, students that complete the Yoga Alliance program meet the standards developed by Yoga Alliance to train experienced instructors eligible to register as a Registered Yoga Teacher for 500 hours.

  • Since 2002, Q International School has been teaching students from around the world. By offering an extensive range of courses and providing exciting activities for students to explore San Diego.

    Students are immersed in the English learning process from arrival to departure. This immersion has proven to be the best method for quickly learning and retaining English.