Mission Statement

Our Mission

OUR MISSION ICoHS International College provides the highest quality of education and professional career training by integrating a sense of balance within our principles and practices. An ICoHS education is facilitated in a dynamic, compassionate, and personalized environment whereby students are inspired to reach their fullest growth potential. Creating a dynamic, compassionate, and personalized learning environment is at the heart of the institution. Our approach in reaching this goal equates to our core values. All of the programs offered at ICoHS International College are designed to prepare students for rewarding careers in their chosen field. Lifelong learning is modeled and encouraged through our various continuing education classes.

The cornerstones on which ICoHS International College were founded are:

  • Students Come First: ICoHS is committed to helping individuals discover and develop their unique gifts and talents.
  • Quality and Relevant Education: Students are taught how to evaluate their learning styles, their gifts and graces and attain the skills to pursue their personal and professional aspirations.
  • Compassionate, Clean and Welcoming Environment: ICoHS is committed to providing ongoing support and a warm and effective environment conducive to student growth and learning.
  • Service and Giving Back: ICoHS is actively involved in volunteerism as a way of providing service and showing gratitude to the community.