Quality Education, Qualified Faculty

Quality Education

A BALANCE between practical tools for career success and personal wellness are combined with fostering the unique creative and intuitive gifts of each student. While all classes and programs are based on Industry standards, in reality success of the individual is only accomplished when a sense of personality is expressed in the work.

"I found out that what made the difference for me was, that after I graduate from ICoHS, I had already developed my own style. At school, after mastering the techniques, we were encouraged to blend what we have learned into a flow that reflected our personal nature. At a certain point of proficiency, we were taught to teach ourselves. When I got my first massage job, I combined it with the many other skills I learned including Nutrition, Energy Work and Positive Outcome Communication. My clients loved it. So many of them came back for follow up visits and recommended their friends and business associates come see me. This success made it easy to transition into my own business where I hire practitioners (mostly ICoHS graduates) with different styles who attract clients from all walks of life. Thank You ICoHS"

– Helen R. HHP