veteran graduate Mitch Glover

ICOHS Alumni Highlight – veteran graduate Mitch Glover

ICOHS Alumni Highlight – veteran graduate Mitch Glover

Meet MITCH GLOVER, a V.A. student who graduated from the Holistic Health Practitioner Program in 2015! He first started at School of Healing Arts and stayed connected with the school’s staff and friends in the transition to International College of Holistic Studies. Here’s what he had to say in a quick interview!

Q: Who are some of your favorite instructors?
A: Ahh, I have so many. I always follow James Beard (Breathwork teacher) and keep in contact with him. I like what he has to offer, his breathing portion. I’ve been following his breathing and I try to go to everything he offers and we have a good rapport together. The thing I love about it is you start out and, an hour later, you’re in a different world. It’s like taking drugs. It’s such an intense thing to go through. Very shamanistic.

Q: What’s your most memorable class?
A: I like the hands-on classes. Martine (Herbology teacher) did a lot of hands-on things; it wasn’t just lecture. She would give us fun homework. “Muds and Scrubs” was a really fun class. Everyone got messy and everyone was laughing.

Q: So you are now HHP certified. What do you plan to do?
A: I’m ready to quit my job that I’ve had for 16 years to finally pursue a career in HHP. I’m moving back to Washington state and I want to start my own business. I went to a different school to be a personal trainer. With my HHP certificate and personal trainer experience combined, I can open up a wellness center.

Q: Would you recommend ICOHS to others?
A: Yes. It’s not your typical school/university and it’s the comradery here; it’s amazing. Here, you’re always looking forward to your next class. You’re always connecting with everybody. Especially with massage, you have to get close to people real fast.