Transfer Credit Form


    • Please make sure you enclose all necessary documentation for Transfer Credit consideration. For transfer credit consideration the following criteria must be met: (1) Acceptance into the Program; (2) Official Transcript with class description. Please look at the International College of Holistic Studies Catalog Academic Policies subheading Credit Transfer for complete detail (documentation should include transcripts, certificates, and class description).

      Only a student who has been accepted for a program is allowed to transfer in credits. A student is allowed to transfer up to half of the program’s total hours. A $4.00 fee will be assessed to each transferable hour up to but not exceeding $150.00. To receive credit for transfer hours, students must have their transcripts evaluated at the time of enrollment. For credits being transferred in after initial enrollment, the transfer fee of $4.00 will be incurred by the student and the transfer credits will be added to the student’s account if the transfer credit is deemed worthy.

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    • Please note that submission of the Transfer Credit Form does not guarantee that all of your courses are transferable. The Academic Coordinator will complete a thorough audit of your classes before awarding transfer hours. Students will receive a notification of their credit transfer within two weeks.