Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Qualified applicants are provided a substantial grant from the state to help pay for education towards their chosen field of study.

Individuals who may qualify for the grant are the following:

  • All adults, age 18 or older, are eligible to receive services. Additional assistance is available to unemployed individuals who have been unable to obtain work or those who are employed but need additional training to reach self-sufficiency.
  • To be eligible for the dislocated worker program, you must have received a lay off notice or have been laid off due to a company closure or mass layoff.
  • You may also be eligible if you are currently unemployed and are unlikely to return to your prior occupation due to economic conditions in that industry.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Check your eligibility here.
  2. Contact the Workforce Partnership about eligibility and how to begin the process of registering for an account by calling the following number: 619.228.2900
  3. Register for a Caljobs account at
    1. Select “Education Services.”
    2. Select Training Providers and Schools. The Provider Search will display (You may also select the Provider Listing tab for a list of all training providers).
    3. Enter and/or select your search criteria.
    4. Select “Eligible Providers” from the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act Eligible Training Provider dropdown menu.
    5. Select the “Search” button once your criteria have been entered.
    6. Select a provider from the list.
    7. Once a provider is selected, the programs eligible for Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act funding will display a green checkmark.
    8. Complete any additional documentation including the online resume and online application
  4. Schedule an appointment with your Career Advisor
  5. Attend the mandatory orientation bringing any required items that may be requested which may include the social security card, ID and application
  6. At the end of orientation, you will be assigned a date to meet with a Career Advisor
  7. Schedule and attend an appointment with your Career Advisor
  8. Attend a minimum of two workshops
  9. Complete the WIOA application with your Career Advisor
  10. Research 2 schools
  11. Take Research Form to School(s) for signatures
  12. Submit all paperwork to the Career Advisor
  13. After processing, meet with the School to get any additional items signed

You can start your education today and receive your certification in one of the programs available at ICOHS College. To check your eligibility go to: