CompTIA Sec+ Bootcamp

November 15th
We are now accepting applications for the next session. We’ll have both online and in-person classes!
Program length
5 weeks

Our Bootcamp is a short, 5 week program to get you prepared to pass the certification fast.

What you'll learn

This course teaches the skills required to be an entry level computer and network security technician. Completion of this course identifies the student as a knowledgeable professional in the field of security, one of the fastest growing fields in IT.

Security threats are increasing in number and severity and the gap between the need for security professionals and qualified IT personnel is the largest of any IT specialty. Even in a troubled economy, most businesses plan to maintain or increase their investment in security.

Course Text: CompTIA CertMaster Learn for Security+(exam SY0-5010)
Applied Activities: Hands on LABs
Certification Outcome: CompTia Sec+

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