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Information Technology Degree and Certification Programs (Online, Hybrid & Offline)

Are You Ready for a Career In IT? Get qualified with our Information Technology Programs.

If you like solving problems and developing solutions, hone your skills and advance your career in computer systems and information technology. ICOHS College offers a number of certificate and degree programs in information technology to help you begin an exciting career in IT. Browse and learn about each degree program to select the one that best suits your interest.

At ICOHS College, we strive to deliver education and professional career training that is both relevant and practical. Whether you choose to study on campus or online or hybrid, we aim to create a meaningful learning experience that adapts to your needs. Our dynamic and compassionate environment fosters personal growth, inspiring students to pursue a path of balance and unlock their maximum potential.

Information Technology Degree and Certificate Programs

Our objective is to provide you with the skills and training you need to be employable in the field of information technology. As a result, our courses not only provide you with a degree in information technology but also with top industry certifications.

You’ll be prepared to get these certificates as your course progresses. Enhance your résumé with the essential online information technology degree and certifications you need to impress employers and prepare for a successful career!

Expand your horizons with our online IT certification programs in Maryland, where you’ll develop a deep understanding of emerging technologies and their practical applications.

Do I Need a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology?

You can enter the IT industry without a degree through various options. For example, earning an entry-level IT certification might be a practical initial step if you’re beginning from scratch. Pursuing a certification can provide you with a clear path of the abilities you’ll need to gain. The certification itself might help you demonstrate to employers that you know enough to accomplish the job.

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Career Outlook – Information Technology Occupations

Graduates with a degree in information technology can pursue a variety of occupations. If you love project management or enjoy managing groups, a job as an information and computer systems analyst or manager may be for you; these individuals distribute work to other information technology experts.

If network system design fascinates you, you could like to work as a computer networking architect. Overall, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipates a 15% increase in computer and information technology employment between 2021 and 2031. Apart from the job growth, on average, approximately 418,500 openings per year are expected to arise from both growth and replacement needs. 

Graduates with information technology degrees can work in various jobs and fields, including data science or as a computer and information systems manager, computer network architect, or computer programmer.

Information technology professionals are employed by various organizations, ranging from large nonprofits, corporations, and higher education institutions to government agencies. These entities often have intricate computer networks or extensive online platforms, necessitating the expertise of IT personnel.

Here are some career options to achieve with an IT degree:

  • Systems Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Help Desk Analyst
  • IT Associate

Financial Aid Options

Planning ahead and applying for financial aid can feel like a daunting task. ICOHS College is here to help you get funding for one of our amazing information technology programs.

We offer assistance in applying for scholarships, federal aid, military benefits, and monthly payment plans to help you build an affordable and manageable education plan. Financial Aid only available for those that qualify.

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Federal Financial Aid​

The FAFSA® is an absolute must. Fill out a FAFSA for each year you plan on being in school.

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Veteran & Military Benefits

Learn about Financial Aid exclusive to Veterans and Active Duty Military.

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Cash or Zero to Low Interest Payment Plan​

Work with a Financial Aid Advisor to create a personalized plan that fits your specific needs.

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Institutional Scholarship​

ICOHS offers up to $3,000 in need-based scholarships for those that qualify.

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The ICOHS Edge

All students receive comprehensive coursework in career management, self-care, and business development.

Our instructors provide close guidance, from the first day of class through the certification process. Our student services department also offers all students and alumni Career Services Support.

Our Career Development Services are dedicated to supporting our students in determining their next steps in their career journeys. With the help of our online Career Portal, we provide guidance on crafting effective resumes and cover letters, preparing for successful interviews, and facilitating job placements in fields our students are passionate about.

We take pride in offering Career Services Support, ensuring that our students have ongoing access to the Career Portal and the dedicated support of our Career Services Coordinator throughout their professional life.

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Information Technology certification programs offer numerous benefits for professionals in the industry. Here are five top benefits of pursuing IT certification programs:

  • Enhanced Career Opportunities: Information technology certifications enhance career prospects by showcasing expertise and skills in specific domains, attracting employers who value certifications. They differentiate candidates, unlock job opportunities, and boost hiring and promotions in the IT field.
  • Validation of Skills and Knowledge: IT certification programs provide a standardized framework to assess and validate your skills and knowledge in specific areas of technology. By earning a certification, you gain recognition for your proficiency in a particular domain, which can boost your confidence and credibility among employers, colleagues, and clients.
  • Stay Updated with the Latest Technologies: The IT industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies, tools, and frameworks emerging regularly. IT certifications often require candidates to stay up-to-date, ensuring they remain relevant in the fast-paced IT landscape.
  • Competitive Advantage: IT certifications offer a competitive edge by highlighting commitment to continuous learning and professional development. Employers prioritize certified candidates, showing dedication to mastering specific IT disciplines and setting them apart from those without formal training.

Networking and Community Engagement: IT certification programs often provide opportunities to network with fellow professionals, industry experts, and certification holders. Engaging in certification communities and events can facilitate knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and professional connections. These networks can be invaluable for career growth, mentorship, and stay informed about industry trends.

Some challenges of Information Technology Certification Programs include:

  • Keeping up with rapidly evolving technologies: IT certifications need to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing technology landscape to remain relevant and valuable.
  • Ensuring program relevance and currency: Certification programs must align with industry needs and current job requirements to provide meaningful credentials.
  • Addressing the cost and time commitment: Pursuing IT certifications or a master’s degree after a bachelor’s degree can be expensive, both in terms of exam fees and study materials, and it requires a significant time commitment for preparation.
  • Managing market saturation: The popularity of certain certifications may lead to an oversupply of certified professionals, potentially diluting the value and competitiveness of the credentials.

When choosing the right Information Technology Certification Program, consider the following factors:

  • Relevance: Assess the program’s alignment with your career goals and the specific IT field or domain you want to specialize in.
  • Industry recognition: Research the reputation and recognition of the certification program within the IT industry. Look for programs that are well-regarded and valued by employers.
  • Current and emerging technologies: Ensure that the program covers the latest technologies and trends relevant to your desired IT field. It should equip you with the practical skills and knowledge needed in the industry.
  • Certification provider credibility: Consider the credibility and reputation of the organization or vendor offering the certification. Established and respected providers often carry more weight in the industry.
  • Learning format and resources: Evaluate the learning format (online, in-person, or a combination) and the availability of study materials, practice exams, and support resources. Choose a program that suits your preferred learning style and provides comprehensive resources.
  • Cost and time commitment: Consider the cost of the certification program, including exam fees, training materials, and any additional expenses. Also, assess the time commitment required for preparation and completion of the certification.
  • Career opportunities: Research the job market and evaluate how the certification program can enhance your career prospects. Look for programs that are in demand and can open doors to better job opportunities.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the right Information Technology Certification Program that aligns with your goals and maximizes your professional growth.

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