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Explore the latest IT, Holistic Health, and Massage Therapy scholarship opportunities.

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When choosing a college, the cost of tuition is an important consideration. Before ruling out an expensive school, search for scholarships that could help lower the cost and perhaps eliminate the need for federal and private student loans.

Academic scholarships in San Diego cover a range of educational expenses throughout the academic year. The low tuition and scholarship opportunities at the International College of Holistic Studies (ICOHS) make it a wise choice for students.

External scholarships, loans, and payment plans are just a few options for funding an ICOHS education. Students may apply for an ongoing scholarship through ICOHS, which was created to aid U.S. students and other scholarship opportunities. We evaluate student eligibility based on their admission application and financial need.

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DISCLAIMERS: Please be aware that each scholarship may have additional terms, conditions, and requirements. Students granted one of these scholarships will be given particular renewal criteria for that award. ICOHS College has no affiliation with 3rd party scholarships and cannot guarantee they will award you with financial assistance. 3rd party scholarships details may change without notice.

ICOHS College's Top 10 Scholarships Guide
1. Scholly

Scholly has helped students win more than $70 million in college scholarship money. It’s both an online search engine and mobile app. Just create an account, enter information about your location and activities, and Scholly will match you with local and national scholarships.

Scholly is the brainchild of Christopher Gray. After growing up poor in Alabama, Gray managed to win an incredible $1.3 million in scholarship money. Now, he’s on a mission to help others gain funding for college, too.

Unlike other scholarship search tools, however, Scholly isn’t free to use. At last check, it offered three subscription types, costing between $7.99 for a month to $44.99 for a year.

College Board’s Scholarship Search engine has long been an industry leader for locating scholarship and grant money. It partners with over 2,200 programs and has a number of filters to help you narrow down your options.

You can enter personal and academic information to find scholarships for which you’d qualify or you can search for scholarships by type. Some scholarships honor academic achievement, while others prioritize students involved in certain activities.

The search engine is just one of the reasons to be using

3. Fastweb

For even more scholarships and grants, head to Fastweb. After going through a quick sign-up process, you can sift through over 1.5 million scholarships worth over $3.4 billion. The site has a user-friendly design and is easy to navigate.

Plus, you can organize your finds into different lists. One list could be for academic achievement scholarships, another for California residents and a third for field hockey players. Fastweb is a useful tool for staying organized that can help you find lots of scholarship money.

4. offers a robust database of grants across the country. In fact, the site has collected over 3.7 million scholarships adding up to $19 billion. Create a profile with, then narrow down your options with personalized filters.

Each scholarship will have its own application requirements, but some may overlap enough so you can use the same materials to apply.

5. Cappex

Cappex is another huge directory of scholarships totaling over $11 billion in scholarship money. It offers a frequently updated database, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Cappex doesn’t just offer a scholarship database. It also gives advice on the college application process, offers college reviews and provides overviews of different majors.

6. Chegg

The Chegg scholarship finder is another great tool that will help you find scholarships for school. If you sign up, you’ll get additional filters to customize your search. But if you prefer, you can get started without one and search by location, GPA and application type.

If you’re burnt out with application essays, narrow the list down to scholarships that don’t require an essay. Filtering will help you avoid scrolling through the site’s 25,000-plus opportunities.

7. Niche

Head to the Niche scholarship search engine for a user-friendly directory with no required sign-up process. One of its best categories is the “Easy to Apply” filter. Here, you can do a scholarship search for ones that don’t require an essay, GPA or recommendation.

With such an easy application process, it will be even easier to give these scholarships your best shot.

8. Peterson's

Peterson’s college scholarship database boasts $10 billion worth of opportunities for aid. You can search by scholarship, grant, fellowship and even by forgivable loan whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student.

Like Cappex and other resources, Peterson’s could be your one-stop shop. It assists with test preparation and building a college list.

9. Dept. of Labor

Like the private companies listed above, the federal government also provides a searchable list of scholarships.

The Department of Labor’s CareerOneStop website is known to help undergraduates and graduates alike with choosing a career field. But CareerOneStop also features more than 8,000 scholarships. Save time scanning by highlighting results according to your degree level and the location of your home and school.

10. Local Opportunities

Finally, don’t forget to search locally for scholarship opportunities. Your school counselors are an excellent resource, as they work with students year after year to find college funding. You can even ask around at a community center or Rotary Club about college funding.

Many local scholarships only award $1,000 or less, but the pool of applicants is smaller than for many national awards. Even small scholarships will help pay your living costs and reduce the amount you take out in student loans.

Types of Scholarships

Scholarship FAQs

Some students believe scholarships are only for students in desperate need of financial assistance. This is not true. In fact, receiving an academic scholarship will benefit any student for several years after they receive it. Some of the most significant benefits are:

  • Receiving a merit-based scholarship demonstrates that you outperformed your peers.
  • There are tens of thousands of applicants for some scholarships. When you are recognized for your achievements, you gain the confidence to pursue other goals.
  • Some scholarship programs directly reward recipients. This is great news for students who don’t really need financial aid to cover tuition because it frees up funds that can be used to cover other college costs.
  • Most colleges are seeking to enroll students who will enrich their student body. A merit scholarship acknowledges that you are a capable student.
  • A scholarship can help your resume stand out among others. Recognition for your accomplishments can sometimes be enough to get you an interview with a potential employer.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of prior academic achievements, such as strong grades and test scores. Other factors might be leadership, participation in extracurricular activities, geographic and ethnic background, intended major, and career objectives. Pay close attention to each scholarship’s eligibility requirements and selection criteria.

You must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Renewal FAFSA to qualify for need-based scholarships at ICOHS. The government uses this form to determine an estimated family contribution (EFC). To calculate your financial need, the financial aid office subtracts your EFC from your cost of attendance.

Aid from outside sources necessitates adjusting your aid because ICOHS provides aid (including loans) that covers 100% of your attendance costs. We first replace a student’s self-help (loan and work awards) to ensure that outside awards benefit the student as much as possible. Grants are then reduced if the total amount of external assistance received exceeds the total amount of loans and work included in your package.

If you wait to report this information to the Financial Aid and Scholarships office, you risk receiving financial aid for which you are not eligible, which will require that you pay for any overpayments already made.

Watch out for scholarship fraud! Avoid a scholarship organization if you have any reservations about it. A scholarship should never be paid for. If you receive unsolicited offers to help you find scholarships that appear too good to be true, they most likely are. Visit the scholarship scam page on to learn more about scams and get instructions on how to spot them.

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