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CCNA Cisco Exam

Tips to Help You Pass the Cisco CCNA Certification Exam

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IT is a unique career field in a wonderful way. Not only does it offer high salaries in an ever-growing job market, but it also doesn’t require a four-year or even two-year degree to get started. You can launch your career by passing a single certification exam, one that most people can prepare for in a matter of months.

While there are a variety of IT certifications you may want in your portfolio, the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification (CCNA) is one of the most versatile and widely-accepted among them. This certification focuses on designing, setting up, troubleshooting, and maintaining IT networks.

If you want to earn your CCNA certification, boost your chances of passing the test with these top tips.


Take a Certification-Specific Course

The CCNA exam covers networking, but not all networking courses or studying materials are the same. Instead, opt for a course specifically designed for CCNA certifications. The instructors are experienced with the test and know how to train you in the most applicable way.

For example, ICOHS College offers a 15-week CCNA Bootcamp starting in January 2020. Within a few months, you’ll be ready to ace your exam with the in-depth knowledge and practical skills you need so you can take your big first step towards a new career.


Start With Building Your IT Background Knowledge

A CCNA course will teach you everything you need to know. If you’re brand new to IT, it may be more difficult because you’ll need to learn the basic concepts in addition to the finer details of networking.

Some people prefer to do some reading before their course to get familiar with broad concepts like the basics of how networks operate. With this foundational knowledge in hand, you can spend more of your mental energy on the details during your CCNA course.


Use the Right CCNA Study Materials

Many students choose to further prepare for their CCNA by doing extra reading outside of class. If you do, be sure you’re studying for the current version of the exam.

As of 2020, there’s one CCNA exam called the 200-301. Until this year, though, there were several exams. You had a choice between a comprehensive exam called the 200-125 or two smaller exams, the 100-105 and 200-105.

Despite the recent testing change, there are plenty of materials from past exams floating around. Make sure your materials are designed for the 200-301.


Try a CCNA Practice Test

Taking a test well doesn’t just require you to know the information. It helps to be familiar with the test format too. A practice test is a great way to do that while gauging your knowledge and guiding your studying sessions.

There are plenty of practice exams and practice questions online through various resources. Some are free and some cost money, but most of the paid practice exams aren’t expensive. This Udemy CCNA practice test is especially popular.


Join Online Discussions about the CCNA Exam

Because the CCNA is such a widely-used certification, there are people all over the world in the same boat you are. Connecting with them online can be a terrific way to help yourself prepare for the exam.

Look for forums dedicated to the CCNA exam. There’s also a CCNA subreddit as well as multiple Facebook groups. Within these groups and forums, you see questions and answers from people experienced with the exam as well as tips along the way. As an added bonus, by joining these groups you’ll start to network with other current and future IT professionals before your career even begins.


Use the Power of Repetition When Studying for the CCNA Exam

Everyone prefers different study methods, but the simple act of repetition is a great way to stay on top of the details you need to know. Use the Ciscopress books, which are designed to prepare you for the CCNA. Be sure to re-read the areas you’re struggling with. Any time you have a few spare minutes, pick them back up and re-read a page or two.

Repetition helps your brain commit information to long-term memory. Even if you’re only half paying attention, the repetition helps.


Find Stress Relief

Exams are stressful and the CCNA exam is no exception. If you let your stress get the better of you, though, you’ll have a harder time concentrating during the exam.

Remind yourself that the worst-case scenario is that you don’t pass the exam and you’ll just have to retake it. Failing the exam doesn’t mean you’ve failed at your opportunity for a career. You can take the CCNA as many times as necessary.

As you’re preparing for the exam, make a conscious effort to manage your stress too. Dedicate time each day or each week to doing something that’s purely for relaxation like a meditation session, a bath, or a few minutes to shoot hoops outside.


Preparing for Your IT Career with a CCNA Certification

For a career in IT, the CCNA certification is a terrific jumpstart and our 15-week CCNA Bootcamp is a perfect way to prepare. During the program, you’ll learn  the fundamentals related to IT and networking, including network security, access technologies, infrastructure services, and network maintenance.

Learn more about our CCNA Bootcamp and reserve your spot before our classes are full! Next session begins in January.

cyber security career

What Does a Career in Cyber Security Look Like?

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It may feel like the world has changed slowly and gradually, but the way technology has revolutionized our world in the past few decades is stunning. There are concepts that didn’t exist when most of us were born but are commonplace now, and cyber security is one of them.

What is cyber security, exactly, and how do you know if it’s the right career path for you? Our IT Systems Administrator program (ISTA) specializes in training up-and-coming cyber security specialists and IT experts, and we’re giving you a peek into the field.


What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a broad term that applies to any strategies to safeguard against theft or other crimes that use technology. Cyber security can involve protecting confidential information like medical and personal records. It also includes controlling access to bank accounts, credit card accounts, and so on.

Cyber security plays a major role in our daily lives. Every time we enter a password on a site or use FaceID or fingerprint readers to log into our phones, we’re passively dependent on cyber security. For businesses and organizations, though, cyber security is a far more conscious practice. Security holes put their finances and reputation at risk, even leaving them vulnerable to legal problems. That’s why cyber security is a growing career path with competitive salaries.


What Does a Cyber Security Professional Do?

Most people don’t realize how many ways there are for a criminal to get access to supposedly-secure systems. Cyber security specialists are tasked with protecting all of those possible doors, locking them against cyber criminals while maintaining reliable access for authorized users. There are many duties that fall within this realm.


Uncovering and Resolving Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks happen more often than most people realize: every 39 seconds on average. Only a few of these attacks are successful enough to make the news, and that’s because cyber security specialists get most of the others under control.

As a cyber security IT professional, you’ll have a variety of strategies and tests in place to monitor your system for cyber attacks. If an attack occurs, you can catch it as early as possible and shut it down to minimize the damage.


Identifying Security Risks

As important as it is to stamp out cyber attacks when they occur, it’s even more important to lock up your system against criminals in the first place. In some cases, cyber attacks happen because a hacker finds an unknown weak spot in a company’s system. They take advantage of the accidental weakness and use it to break in.

As a cyber security expert, you’ll be able to analyze your company’s system and network for those vulnerabilities. You’ll know how to spot a security risk and design a way to fix it before cyber criminals find and exploit it.


Taking Proactive Security Measures

In addition to repairing vulnerabilities in your system, as a cyber security specialist, you’ll also be responsible for managing other preventative measures. They could include authorization processes, antiviruses, and other techniques to block potential attacks.

You’ll also understand systems administration best practices, using them to design the company’s IT network in a way that’s safer from the start. For instance, connecting certain low-security equipment like printers to a confidential server is a security risk, so you can configure the system to avoid these risky connections.


Establishing Office Protocol

You may be surprised by how many cyber attacks happen from simple human error, like clicking on a suspicious email or inadvertently downloading spyware. As a cyber security expert, you’ll know all the hackers’ top tricks.

To avoid these problems, you may be tasked with setting policies and protocols for the office. For example, you might train your coworkers on how to identify risky emails.


How to Start Your Career in Cyber Security

As our world becomes more ingrained with technology, cyber criminals show no signs of slowing down. That makes cyber security a promising and profitable career path. If a cyber security career sounds like a fit for you, you can launch your career sooner than you think.

The IT Systems Administrator program at ICOHS College is the perfect way to prepare for your dream job. This quick program trains you in the essentials of cyber security and other aspects of designing and maintaining an IT system. That opens the door to not only cyber security but a range of IT roles too.

This program gives you the skills you need to get the essential certifications for a cyber security professional. The most critical certifications are Cisco CCNA and CompTIA Security+. You’ll need to pass an exam for each certification, and our skilled, specialized instructors give you the knowledge you need to ace them.


Starting the Road to a Cyber Security Career

It starts with asking “what is cyber security?” and ends with a thriving career.

The sooner you start working toward your IT training and certifications, the sooner you can launch your career and enjoy a promising future and a strong paycheck. To take the first step, learn more about the IT Systems Administrator program at ICOHS College.

Top IT Certifications

Top 10 IT Certifications You Can’t Afford to Miss

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When you go for any IT Certification, the first thing that you should do is understand the set of skills it will represent. Certifications can kickstart your career, IT Certifications specifically have incredible career-boosting benefits (here’s our top 5).

Industries no longer employ people solely based on their qualifications. What they want in a candidate is knowledge, skill, and certificates that can prove their abilities. Here are the top ten IT Certifications that every professional must target.

In most cases, you’ll need multiple certifications. We recommend the following groupings of certifications

To become an IT Network Specialist, Certifications you’ll need are:

  • CompTIA A+
  • Net+
  • Sec+
  • Linux +
  • and Cisco CCNA courses.

All covered in our  Information Technology Network Specialist Program.

To Become an IT Systems Administrator, Certifications you’ll need are:

  • CompTIA A+
  • Net+
  • Sec+
  • Linux +
  • Pentest+
  • and EC Council CEH courses.

All covered in our  Information Technology System Administrator Program.

Now, let’s take at each certification more closely, in terms of what is required and what they will cover.


Top 10 IT Certifications


1.   CompTIA Security+ Certification

The first in our list is the CompTIA Security+ Certification. Within the CompTIA Security+ Certification you will showcase your knowledge of securing networks, applications, and devices. You will show that you are aware of cryptography and the laws that govern technology usage on various platforms.

You will also know how companies and IT professionals mitigate potential threats when they install or configure any software. The instructor of programs for this certification will teach you risk-management, identity-management, and access-management mechanisms.


2.   Comp TIA A+ Certification

Next in line is CompTIA A+ Certification. This is a certification that showcases your knowledge around the technical aspects of Information Technology. You need to understand the fundamentals of the Windows Operating System. The certification stretches to other OS as well, including IBM, Microsoft, Apple, etc.

You will prove competency in handling issues such as:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Security and Problem Identification
  • Local Government Regulations
  • Installation and Maintenance

Comp TIA A+ is a foundational certification that touches upon diverse aspects of IT.


3.   CompTIA Net+ Certification

All IT professionals begin by learning how to manage the networks. CompTIA Net+  shows your skills in configuring and managing networks.

CompTIA Net+diversifies the purpose of networking. It expands to cover:

  • Routing and Network Trafficking
  • Hardware and Software Interaction
  • Configuring and Maintaining Network Devices
  • Network Protocols
  • Virtual Networking


4.   Cisco CCNA

Cisco CCNA covers the alpha and the omega of foundational networking in Information Technology. It is an IT Training Certification by Cisco that shows you can manage the network infrastructure.

Network Infrastructure means the interaction between hardware and software to produce connectivity and networking services.

2020 onwards, it is most likely that businesses will go online. Within such a technology-driven atmosphere, you cannot succeed as an IT professional if you do not understand Network Infrastructure.

The Cisco CCNA Certification covers:

  • IP services, connectivity
  • Network models and architecture
  • Routing, Accessing, and Programming


5.   Comp TIA Server+ Certification

When we talk about virtualization, you cannot ignore the importance of learning about servers. Aim for the CompTIA Server+ Certificate. It shows your knowledge in the following channels:

  • Server Networking and Technology
  • Hardware support for storage, access control, etc.

To cut the jargon, the CompTIA Server+ course deals with hardware management. It proves your cohesive knowledge of how to manage hardware server and network hardware by training you in configuration, management, storage, and server security.


6.   CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner focuses on the methods through which IT professionals maintain cybersecurity. Usually, a business has to face new and multi-faceted threats if they work through an online medium.

In such circumstances, how can one save their data? What are the strategies to protect any vulnerable software? These are a few of the questions that you will be able to answer with this certification.

You will showcase your knowledge about cryptocurrency, visualization, mobile encryption, and cyber policies under this certification.


7.   CompTIA Cloud+

CompTIA Cloud+ helps you develop expertise in managing cloud infrastructure. Employers demand experts who understand the function and models of cloud services. The IT sector demands cloud computing more than any other IT service.

To write the paper for this course, the CompTIA body advises that examinees work in system administration for at least 2-3 years. The paper is harder than others as it tests your comprehensive understanding of cloud technology.


8.   Microsoft Azure Fundamentals(AZ 900T00)

Microsoft provides the Azure Fundamentals certification program. This certificate validates the precise knowledge of the candidates about cloud infrastructure and development.

Through this training, candidates can learn about Microsoft Azure services, Azure pricing and support, cloud infrastructures, and other security management agendas. Azure is a special Microsoft cloud service that manages applications.

This IT training course is highly structured. It provides basics that can train people in working with Azure for the first time. It also talks about compliance, trust, and security to give a more cohesive understanding of clouds.


9.   Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

You can also get certified on the Google Cloud Platform. The Google Certificate validates your skills in designing and developing cloud-architecture.

Cisco had said that by 2020, cloud traffic will overpower all data center network traffic. Under the current atmosphere, such an effect seems plausible.

This certificate covers cloud traffic more clearly. It explores cloud-deployment methods, cloud-based infrastructure, and cloud security.


10.   ITIL 4 Foundation

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library is the talk of the IT town. Here, you will showcase your all-inclusive knowledge of:

  • Information Technology Operations
  • IT resources and costs
  • Practices and Service Management

It is a good start for people who have recently joined the IT sector. This training certificate provides a fresh approach to IT principles and policies while training the newbies.


Programs That Will Prepare You for These IT Certifications

ICOHS offers IT Programs that will prepare you for many of these certificates, and even include Certification Exam Vouchers.

Other reasons to choose ICOHS:

  • Small class size so you can get the most attention from your teachers
  • Hands on training (virtual lab for online classes) so you are not only learning the theories but actually practicing the real job skills beforehand
  • We are Cisco Networking academy and CompTIA authorized academy which means we use their official curriculum and lab resources so you can learn the most updated contents.
  • Certification exam vouchers are included in our IT programs.

Start Now

Sign up for these IT training courses to get a high-paying job sooner than you expect. We offer Financial Aid options, and Military/Veterans assistance.

Contact us to get started by filling this form, or contacting our admissions team at admissions@icohs.edu

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