A Practical Guide to Achieving Success as a Massage Therapist

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Massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular as a promising and profitable profession. After obtaining the necessary qualifications, massage therapists can explore various industries for job opportunities. With certification and licensing, they can pursue a career in the medical field, working at hospitals, physical therapy clinics, or chiropractic offices. Alternatively, they can enter the hospitality industry […]

Massage Therapy Schools in California

Hot Stone Massage at ICOHS College

Are you curious about the world of massage therapy in California? Look no further! California is home to a thriving massage therapy industry, with many individuals seeking out the benefits of this alternative form of medicine. Massage therapy is a sought-after profession in California, and for a good reason! With so many people living fast-paced […]

How to become a holistic health coach

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Have you ever been in a mental funk? Something just feels off maybe? Perhaps you know you’ll snap out of it or that it’s not anything “serious”. In those cases, many of us would benefit from having the resource to just talk to someone. There’s the same concept with a health funk. Maybe you struggle […]

Is Massage Therapy School Hard?

massage therapy school

Are you interested in studying massage therapy? Are you wondering what these programs are like? Can they be completed quickly? And is massage therapy school hard? Before we dive into questions concerning how to become a massage therapist and how difficult the process may be, let’s start by defining the practice. Standard massages can last anywhere from 15 […]

What is it Like Working as a Massage Therapist?

What is it Like Working as a Massage Therapist

What is it like working as a massage therapist? Well, it depends. Massage therapists have the option of working in widely different environments, from fitness centers to healthcare settings or even as sole practitioners. They also have the option to practice different massage specializations. Some may work alongside physical therapists helping heal injuries and relieve […]

How Much Money Can You Make as a Massage Therapist in 2022?

how much money can i make as a massage therapist?

How much money can I make as a massage therapist in 2022? If it’s a question you’ve asked yourself before, be sure to keep reading. We’re taking a deep dive into the profession and how much it pays. You’ll find the answer depends largely on education, experience, and place of practice. We’ll also explore entry-level […]

Is Massage Therapy a Good Career in 2022?

massage therapy is a good career

If you’re wondering if massage therapy is a good career, consider the following. The profession allows you to help people both mentally and physically. Working as a licensed massage therapist also provides opportunities to become your own boss, allowing for a more flexible work schedule, less stress, and higher earnings. Read on below to learn […]

How Long Does it Take To Become a Massage Therapist?

How Long Does it Take To Become a Massage Therapist?

How long does it take to become a massage therapist? The answer depends on where you live, what program you enroll in, and whether or not you want to provide specialty services. Read on below for a step-to-step guide to becoming a massage therapist, from education requirements to lab experience and more. [toc] What is […]

How Much Does Massage Therapy School Cost in 2022?

How Much Does Massage Therapy School Cost

An increasing number of people are looking into how much massage therapy school costs, and with good reason. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects the job outlook among massage therapists to grow by 21 percent over the next ten years. That estimate far exceeds those predicted for other professions. The reasons behind this kind […]

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