Student Services


At ICoHS, students are our priority because students come first.

Students are encouraged to stop by or make an appointment with the Dean of Student Services or our Academic Coordinator. Our staff members are available to help with schedule planning, transcript evaluation, personal support, career services, participation in community events, completing and submitting applications for certifications and any other educational questions or concerns a student may have.


The Student Services Office is open during the following hours:

Monday – Thursday         8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Friday                                  8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Announcements about class registrations, meetings, transcripts, job opportunities and other information is posted in the Information Center, Office of Admissions and the website. 


Studies can be quite demanding, and students may sometimes find themselves falling behind or feeling overwhelmed. This can be due to a variety of factors such as learning style, competing obligations, long-term absence from academics, etc. There are numerous avenues for getting academic assistance:

  • Talk with the instructor. He/she may be able to give valuable feedback and information about individual learning processes, the materials or study aids.
  • Arrange for a tutor. Ask the office staff for a referral to a suitable tutor. There are Teaching Assistants available for one-on-one tutoring. Instructors may also be available for individual teaching time. Hourly fees vary and are the responsibility of the student.
  • Get support from classmates. Other people in the class may be experiencing similar difficulties or may be overcoming them with specific techniques or approaches that would be helpful. Support systems are often a critical factor in overcoming the anxiety that can produce or enlarge an academic problem.
  • Students may set an appointment with the Student Services Coordinator to discuss their situation and options for increasing academic satisfaction.


ICoHS organizes student activities ranging from holiday gatherings to community outreach. Attending activities is a great way for students, staff, and faculty to have fun and reach out to the community.


Pursuing degrees and certifications is challenging, and some students may feel overwhelmed at times and need emotional support. Some programs, Massage training for example, can be especially stressful, as learning to touch and be touched often brings up some powerful issues. Whichever your course of study, personal concerns (emotional, financial, etc.) sometimes surface during schooling; at ICoHS there are a number of ways to get support and assistance:

  • The best support system is a fellow classmate(s) who can offer ongoing contact and support
  • Some of our staff members have backgrounds in counseling and/or personal growth therapies. Instructors can provide limited support and counseling. The Academic Coordinator and Student Services Coordinator are available for individual consultations.


While ICoHS cannot guarantee job placement, ICoHS does make comprehensive professional development services available to students and graduates. Course work in career management, self-care and ethics is completed by every graduate. ICoHS also refers its graduates to employers through its extensive local contacts. ICoHS professional development services are available to all graduates, free of charge. For job listings and placement opportunities, please see the Dean of Student Services in the Administrative Office area or send an email to: [email protected]




ICoHS provides reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities or other special needs. Any person with a grievance related to discrimination, including requests for academic adjustments, auxiliary aids and services, and requests for accommodation under Title III of th “Americans with Disabilities Act” should perform the following procedures:

  • Students have the responsibility to request accommodations a minimum of two months prior to the start of a program.
  • Notify the Executive Director in writing of any grievance, any supporting materials that explains the grievance, and the accommodation, academic adjustment or auxiliary aid that will satisfactorily address the grievance. Students may contact the Executive Director in the following ways:

By Telephone: 619-450-2224

By Mail:    Executive Director
1500 State Street
San Diego CA, 92101

  • The Executive Director will respond within two weeks of receiving the request.
  • Students may appeal the decision regarding their request. Please contact the Executive Director with all the previously requested information. Appeals must be submitted within one week of the date of the decision. The Executive Director will also respond within two weeks of receiving the request.