Massage Therapy Careers for Health and Longevity

massage therapy school

Health and wellness are essential elements for living a dynamic lifestyle. With our fast-paced routines and so much going on around us all the time, it’s important to intentionally invest in physical wellness for sustainable longevity. Massage therapy can not only be used as an avenue towards personal wellbeing but is also in high demand […]

Network IT Bootcamp: Tips for Achieving Your CompTIA Net+ Certification

CompTIA Net+ Bootcamp Study

An IT career comes with unique advantages. It has the potential for fantastic growth, it pays well, and it doesn’t require a pricey four-year degree to get started. It’s the best of all worlds. If you’re positioning yourself for a profitable career in IT, getting specialized IT certifications will get you on the path toward […]

Tips to Help You Pass the Cisco CCNA Certification Exam

CCNA Cisco Exam

IT is a unique career field in a wonderful way. Not only does it offer high salaries in an ever-growing job market, but it also doesn’t require a four-year or even two-year degree to get started. You can launch your career by passing a single certification exam, one that most people can prepare for in […]

How to Start an IT Career with CompTIA’s Trifecta

CompTIA Certifications

Whether you’re a young professional kicking off your career or you’re looking for a career change, choosing a career path isn’t a decision you’ve taken lightly. You know you want a fulfilling, enjoyable career with ongoing potential. You also want a career that pays the bills. This is why so many professionals are diving into […]

Which IT Certification is Right for Me?

IT Certifications

The IT job market is larger and more varied than most people realize. In fact, there are around 5 million IT professionals in the US alone, and that number is expected to grow by 11% in the next ten years. There are multiple specialties within the world of IT, and each of those specialties requires […]

What is the salary for IT jobs in the US?

IT career outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupations in the information technology sector are projected to grow 11% from 2019 to 2029. During those years, over 530,000 jobs will be created. This data suggests that the IT sector will require more professionals soon. The problem today is that not everyone can afford an expensive […]

Interview Tips to Help you Get a Job in IT

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Competing for that sought after IT or tech position isn’t as exciting when there’s 100 other people with almost the exact education (or more), experience (or more) going for the exact same roles. We’ll let you in on a secret though. Although having a resume that adds a little extra (think committee work or personality) […]

What to Expect During a Typical Day as an IT Technician

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Once you’ve trained, gathered your expertise, and filled your brain with as much IT and tech knowledge as you can, obtaining that technician position and putting your knowledge to use to gain valuable experience is an exciting opportunity. With everything you’ve learned, you’ll be ready for your first day as an IT technician, but you […]

How has AI affected the way we perform our IT tasks?

How has AI affected the way we perform our IT tasks

Over the decades, our tech and definition of what we consider artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved. AI, a simple definition being the use of intelligent algorithms to automate data and machine learning, has its place in the world of networks and Information Technology. Even in our roles as IT professionals, how quickly technology progresses has […]

7 Job Hunting & Recruiting Trends for 2020

Get hired in 2020

Do you have what recruiters are looking for in 2020? If you’re a job seeker, you might be wondering what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for in job candidates. Over the years, recruitment has evolved and changed. Before, recruiters placed a heavy importance on paper resumes and phone screenings. But, now, with the technology […]