Holistic Health Practitioner

Program Description

The objective of this program is to offer students a holistic overview while providing the highest level of certification as recognized for massage and bodywork professionals for those who wish to further enhance their credibility in the profession. Graduates of theis program will be qualified to meet certification requirements for the State of California to practice as a Massage Therapist and qualified for the City of San Diego permit as a Holistic Health Practicioner, incorporating a variety of holistic therapies into their practice for effective healing. Upon completing certification, graduates can work in Day spas, Chiropractic/wellness centers as employees, independent contractors, or as an entrepreneur of their own practice.

Program Features


Students in the Holistic Health Practitioner Program will have the opportunity to choose from the following concentrations:

  • Orthopedic I & II/Sports Massage/Structural Integration
  • Craniosacral Therapy I & II/Reiki I & II
  • Aromatherapy/Vibrational Healing/Pregnancy Massage/Sensory Repatterning
  • Yoga Teacher Training
  • Herbology and Nutrition