Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease that starts at the pancreas and affects many functions of the body. The main problem caused by CF is mucus buildup of the lungs. Along with physical problems, CF also greatly affects a person‘s attitude and behavior. A great deal of CF patients suffer from anxiety and depression. With all of the factors in the day-to-day life of a patient with cystic fibrosis, Massage has been known to help greatly!

From the hard to breathe or wheezing to the rapid vigorous coughing of a CS patient, many people with this illness experience much Chest and back pain, sore rhomboids and traps, and extensive strain of that lotta miss dorsi. This is all test due to the fact that the coughing strained some muscles, and the bending over from coughing overly stretches the lats. To relieve some of this pain a massage therapist should lay the client prone and do some slow, deep circulatory massage on the main muscles of the back. This will loosen the client up enough to cough comfortably and relax those muscles that have been in a sympathetic state for so long. Another great thing the therapist can do is tapotements. Tapotements along the erector spinae and across where the Longs lay, will loosen up some of the stuck and uncomfortable mucus for the client to dispose of.

When dealing with the disease, you may also find your client suffers from anxiety and or depression. This is common in the CF her because the body is always in fight or flight mode, they are tired from physical demands of the body and physical errands such as long hospital visits, or being scared of death or sad that they don’t have a typical lifestyle. To help with some of that, Massage is very comfortable for someone with CF. Massage brings a natural release of depression by allowing the client to feel a safe trusting touch from the therapist. It’s a common fact that even babies left alone without touch, don’t live long, so why wouldn’t it help to relieve and bring comfort to a patient suffering from physical and terminal illness? It’s likely your client will feel better after a massage even if their muscles had nothing to gain from.

Though there is no certain Contraindication, CF patients often end up with diabetes and that could be a contraindication. Make sure to check medications and levels of diabetes for safe touch

The everyday life of a person with cystic fibrosis is high stress, painful, and sometimes discouraging. With regular massage, you can offer your patients body to finally start to relax. You can offer peace of mind with your professional and caring touch. Massage might be a vital tool to help your client live a more comfortable and calm her life.  Now that you’ve found out how massage can benefit cystic fibrosis sufferers, find out how you can get involved at ICOHS College.

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