4 Major Reasons to Choose a Technical College for Higher Education in Information Technology

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In this day and age there are so many options when it comes to getting a higher education. There are classic universities, colleges, vocational schools, trade schools, community colleges, and finally technical colleges, the topic of this article.

Each and every option has its own advantages and disadvantages, and as someone considering a higher education, it is important to learn certain details about every selection, so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

In this article, we don’t intend to go into too much depth pertaining to any choices other than technical colleges, but we will thoroughly provide the top 4 primary reasons why this option might just be the right one for you.


What Is a Technical College?

At times it can be a bit challenging to distinguish between the various forms of higher education and in many ways certain selections crossover quite significantly (as is the case with trade schools and vocational schools for instance.) Technical colleges, however, are unique in their own ways because they focus in on educating students with specialized courses within particular course criteria.

The subject taught by technical colleges is typically always extremely practical, typically within the realm of information technology, education, secretarial skills, or engineering.

ICOHS, although technically a vocational school, could also be classified as a technical college, for we offer a diverse selection of information technology-related courses and programs. From our Computer and Networking Certification Program to our IT Network Specialist and IT Systems Administrator programs, there are many options if information technology (IT) is your designated course of study.


4 Reasons Why Choosing a Technical College Might Be Right for You

There are many reasons why someone might choose to receive their higher education from a technical college, but these 4 major incentives notably stand out above the rest:

  1. Enter Into a Budding Market and In-Demand Workforce

It is often the case with technical colleges that the programs offered are all related to careers that are currently in demand or cutting edge, which leads to significant employment opportunities.

Significant employment means less post-education stress about finding a job, and not only a job in general, but one with a decent or even great salary. Because ICOHS offers information technology-related programs, this specific technical career will be the focus of this section.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the occupation of Computer and Systems Administrator, for instance, is expected to have a 6% job outlook between the years 2016-2026, with the average salary standing at around $82,000 yearly.

Of course, Information Technology related professions extend far beyond simply Computer and Systems Administrators, but consistently, careers under this umbrella term are ranking in an average to high job outlook and a relatively large salary.

As another example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports Information Security Analysts as having a 28% job outlook between the years 2016-2026, which is far faster than average, and the typical yearly salary ranks in at a little more than $98,000 per year.


  1. Learn in Small Class Sizes and Compact Group Settings

Traditional universities and colleges are so often filled to the brim with students; with classes almost always reaching maximum capacity, it can be challenging to feel as if you are receiving a truly personal and hands-on learning experience. Having this many students packed into one classroom or auditorium can not only be an overwhelming experience for students but for educators as well.

With technical colleges, this simply isn’t the case.  Course sizes are much smaller and more compact, designed whilst keeping each student’s individual needs in mind. Additionally, with such compact group settings, professors tend to be a lot more receptive and interactive with students, by engaging in considerable quantities of hands-on learning and the initiation of discussions.

While 4-year university courses can have student numbers ranging up into the hundreds, technical colleges typically only feature around 20-30 students maximum per classroom. The extreme difference in size is a wonderful way to get the most out of your higher education experience, allowing for the potential of greater depth and understanding of the coursework, class materials, and concepts.


  1. You Are Completely Ready for a Big Career Change and Don’t Want to Spend Years in School

Life presents us with many opportunities for change and growth, and sometimes this requires making big decisions, such as opting for a career change. Career changes are sometimes a necessary part of shaping your existence into the exact one you want to be living. Most of all, it is a grave misconception that choosing options for higher education is left only for those who are fresh out of high school.

On the contrary, many adults are opting to go back to school so that they can be working in a field or industry that they truly enjoy and love. Attending a technical college offers a means to shift your life track while not having to commit to many years of education. For this reason, it is also suitable for those who would like to discover their passions and take a number of courses in varying programs.

Technical colleges offer a wide array of programs and courses to choose from, which can all serve as a way to switch things up from going every day to a job you can’t stand, to learning new skills and abilities that can help you develop further contacts in a specific field and in turn score your dream job.


  1. Learn by Applied Practice and a Hands-On Experience

While most universities and colleges rely upon textbooks and critically thinking about the material read and learned, technical colleges take a slightly different approach.

Instead of actualizing systems and processes in your brain, technical colleges place great emphasis upon applied practice and hands-on experience. This means, if you are intending to study information technology (IT), for example, you would be learning the material by actually tackling IT-related challenges and problems, rather than simply reading about how to solve them.

This approach to learning not only provides a more complete educational experience but it also better prepares students for the real world and an actual occupation in their chosen field. Employers usually don’t care about how much knowledge you know about a topic; rather they want to see which skills you bring to the table. With hands-on, applied practice, you’ll actually be ready to jump straight from education to a job setting.


Our Final Thoughts on the 4 Major Reasons to Choose a Technical College for Higher Education

At the end of the day, it is important to make an informed choice that suits your own needs the best, because each individual should make decisions career-wise that are in their own interest. No one can tell you which path to take in life, and technical colleges support students of all ages, including those who are deciding to make big job-related changes.

If you are located in the San Diego area and are interested in attending a technical college (and also a vocational college) to study information technology specifically, ICOHS is an accredited option that offers small class sizes and an extremely personalized and tailored-to-you learning experience featuring dedicated and passionate educators.

Reach out today and request more information if you are interested in our Computer Networking and Technician Certification program, IT Network Specialist program, or IT Systems Administrator program.

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