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5 Healthy-Living Gadgets That Can Boost Your Holistic Health Routines

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Once upon a time, the tech industry was booming with helpful gadgets and gizmos intended for entertainment purposes. In 2019, tech creators are taking a new stance on technology, opting not just for inventions that prevent us from boredom, but instead designing products that can make life easier and potentially a lot less stressful.

It’s no surprise that stress plays a role in the overall health and wellbeing of an individual. In fact, The American Institute of Stress says that chronic stress and high-stress levels can take a toll on many systems of the body, including the digestive system, sexuality & reproductive system, muscular system, respiratory and cardiovascular system, and many others. It is evident that maintaining low-stress levels is a vital part of not only more traditional health tracks but holistic health routines as well.

Individuals are now turning towards tech more than ever to deal with stressful concerns in everyday life. From gadgets that reduce pain without pills to devices that can save you time and energy, the tech industry is bustling with creative healthy-living inventions that truly could revolutionize the world we live in today.

1. Relieve Aches and Pains with No Pills Needed: PainPod

Chronic pain is an immensely debilitating condition often managed with addictive prescription pain killers and other medicines filled with a long list of potential side effects. That’s probably what makes the PainPod’s design so astounding; this device is able to relieve intense aches and pains without any pills needed.

A unique combo of biomedical technology and microcurrents, even the FDA has listed some especially promising claims about the PainPod’s ability to truly change the medical world as we know it. The PainPod official website lists the invention as an advanced physical therapy device and here are some of its features:

● Can benefit recovery for pro athletes and fitness enthusiasts
● A way to live pain-free effective for an individual at any age
● Supported by some of the world’s most respected athletes including Olympians, Bruce Lee, and Michael Jordan

2. Sleep Better with This Temperature Controlled Mattress: The Pod

Sleep is an integral part of our lives; we do spend around 7-8 hours a day after all in a slumber. It is challenging to live a truly well life if sleep is lacking, that just wouldn’t be holistic. In many ways sleep is the definition of holistic; it impacts both the mind and the body, so quality rest is pretty important.

The Pod takes sleeping better to entirely new heights with its incredible temperature cooling design that customizes your side of the bed to the exact conditions your body needs for optimal health. As explained on The Pod’s official website, other outstanding features of this one-of-a-kind gadget include:

● Innovative thermo alarm design that gently wakes you naturally by adjusting the heat of the mattress subtly
● Maximum air flow for the best possible performance
● Made from a quality foam blend and a cotton-knit cover
● Made to support healthy spinal alignment

3. A Robot that Mops and Vacuums for You: Narwal

Life can get hectic and having to take care of certain household chores on a very frequent basis can only raise stress levels if you’re already super busy. This is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) comes into play. Chances are you’ve heard of robot vacuums, but they’re actually quite challenging to use and don’t necessarily produce the desired results.

A recent Kickstarter release called Narwal is on a whole new level. Promoted as the world’s first self-cleaning robot mop and vacuum, this neat device does all the floor-related housework for you, and it is so intelligent it actually cleans itself when it returns to the home base station. Its campaign on Kickstarter has also been fully funded, so products should be showing up on doorsteps within the year. Here are some of the features of Narwal as described by its creators:

● Robot covers up to 2,150 square feet of space
● Utilizes smart mapping and navigation technology to remember the map of its environment for easy use every time
● Strong vacuuming, effective mopping, and detailed spot cleaning
● Fast charging, self-cleaning mop with a designated programmed cleaning strategy

4. Spend Less Time Folding Laundry: Foldimate

As with cleaning floors, folding laundry is another chore that makes life way more stressful than it needs to be if someone is already feeling stressed to begin with due to hectic schedules and the general busyness of life. Foldimate offers an innovative solution to this challenge. This machine looks a lot like some high-tech, fancy trash can, but it’s actually a device where one can insert their laundry and out pops clothing that’s been perfectly folded.

Being able to save all this extra time and getting your kids involved because they’ll probably be so interested in such a cool machine, can really help to lessen stress levels that arise due to the overwhelm of everyday life activities, such as cleaning. Although actual products are expected to be available in late 2019, there is a pre-order waitlist where you can join and patiently await the arrival of the life-saving Foldimate. Here are some features of this gadget:

● Folds laundry in less than 5 minutes for ultimate convenience
● Low electrical consumption for maximum energy efficiency
● Adjust folding preferences automatically with a specialized robot that conforms to the desired size, preference, and item type

5. Improve Mental Health by Tracking Brain Activity: Muse

The profoundly calming and relaxing benefits of meditation have been widely documented over the past decade and even earlier but sometimes traditional meditation methods don’t work for everyone. A newer gadget called Muse uses EEG neurofeedback technology to track your brain wave patterns and adjust an array of sounds during meditation as is needed based off of the information that’s being processed. Pretty amazing, right?

Additionally, the device tracks progress and shows which parts of the meditation were the most beneficial and effective. Guiding sounds are utilized to encourage feelings of calm and serenity, as well as to boost focus. Because the brain and body are, without a doubt interconnected, Muse offers a way to monitor the mind in order to better improve the body and reduce physical symptoms of mental conditions and certain unpleasant emotions. Some features of Muse as described on their official website include:

● Uses the guiding sounds of weather which adjust based off of your own mental state
● A human-centered tech design that helps individuals live their best, most peaceful lives
● Helps guide stormy brain activity into a calmer state

If you’re interested in studying holistic health in deeper depth with the goal of becoming a holistic health practitioner, you have many options for education. If you reside in the San Diego, California area and are searching for an accredited, non-profit vocational college, reach out to ICOHS today and request more information on the Holistic Health Practitioner program.

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