Do I need to be Certified in IT to get a job?

January 22, 2019

By Brent Luallin IT Instructor/Coordinator

The one question I always get asked in the IT industry is “Do I NEED any certifications to work in the IT field?” and my answer is usually “No, but it makes it easier to get into IT if you have them.

Employers are looking harder and more introspectively into the experience and training a candidate has to weed them out of the sometimes literally hundreds of applicants. How can you know if Certifications are something you need? Simply look at job sites under IT, Networking, and Cybersecurity. What do those employers want? Then ask yourself what job am I looking for? What are those jobs asking for in certifications and experience? Then plan a path out for how to get there and what you will need in costs of training. If you’re not sure what job you might like in IT but want a good foundation in the business then studying, practicing, and take certifications is a good way to go. Then at some point, you will find a path in the IT field you may want to pursue and what you’re good at whether it be in cybersecurity, IT management, or IT repair and maintenance. Also, note that IT is a journey, not a destination. You will have to constantly re-invent yourself and need to verse yourself in what technologies will benefit the company you work for most.

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