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Finding Balance Between a Career in Information Technology (IT) and Wellness: Live a Holistic and Professional Life

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You’re about to graduate college. You’ve chosen the excellent and potentially rewarding path of Information Technology (IT). During your final year of studies, it will be crucial to prepare for the many choices you’ll be faced with up ahead, and this surplus of decisions to be made might feel overwhelming. It’s vital at this point, more than ever, to start building a holistic life for yourself, if you haven’t done so already.

No one wants to feel burnt out after just a few years of working, and with the right combination of factors, that doesn’t have to be your story ever. There are ways to find a balance between a career in IT and total wellness; it just might require some extra preparation and planning.

Don’t just enter the world unknowingly after college; learn not only how to handle yourself professionally, but how to also live holistically, focusing in on your mind, body, and soul for ultimate growth and fulfillment. We’ll run you through some simple methods that will hopefully help you feel better prepared to tackle the post-education world with confidence and at peace.


Meditate, Meditate, Meditate: Every Minute Counts


There’s a lot of talk about meditation circulating the professional world these days. Frankly, a lot of people are tired of hearing about it. But there’s a reason why top companies cannot stop mentioning this practice; it seems to really work. Studies show that not only can meditation help you focus, it also reduces stress levels leading to an overall more positive life.

Whether you’re swamped with schoolwork just before your career in Information Technology really begins, or if you’re already showing up at the office, meditation—even just 10 minutes a day—helps. Here are some tips on how to make meditation your daily productivity and distress habit:


  • Schedule at least 10 minutes of meditation into your calendar daily as if it is a meeting; yes, it’s really that
  • Try to meditate earlier in the day if possible; this will help you utilize its powerful benefits over the course of the day.
  • Attempt to meditate for 66 days straight; this might appear long, but research says this duration of time is necessary to solidify a habit.


Choose Balance Over Money


Sure, some extra money can come in handy, but is putting in those additional hours at the office really worth sacrificing your mental, physical, and possibly even spiritual well-being? There are often choices to be made in the professional world; it’ll be no different with a career in IT, and it is the responsibility of each individual to set healthy boundaries for themselves, so that balance can be maintained. Not only does maintaining a balanced lifestyle give more time for activities that bring personal fulfillment, but it’s also said to improve productivity during working hours because an even amount of exertion and relaxation often equates to lower stress levels. Work hard, play even harder!


Here’s some pointers on how to maintain a balanced, more fulfilling life:


  • Dedicate time to socializing; visit your friends and family or go out and meet new individuals. This socialization is vital because humans are communal Find your tribe.
  • Try to always designate two days off a week. Trying to find the time to have 48 hours workfree may seem challenging, but this period of unwinding will even out the dedication and determination you just exercised the other 5 days.
  • Remember to make time for your hobbies, passions, and favorite experiences; these events can fill your life with joy, especially if you stay present with them.


Take on Projects That Bring a Sense of Purpose


There’s no surprise here: meaningful projects bring about a greater sense of purpose. If you intend to enter a career in Information Technology or if you already work in this field, you’re actually in luck. Because a career in IT can be so flexible, professionals in this field also have a lot of say in which projects to take on. Since you’ll have choices, opt for assignments that are in alignment with your personal career goals, intentions, and motivations. In the long run, you’ll be thankful you stayed true to yourself.


Look to Your School for Support & Guidance: Your Mentors Are There to Help


Your last year of school is going to have a lot going on. You shouldn’t have to pass through any roadblocks alone. Look to your school for support and guidance and use their resources as much as possible. At ICOHS College you can rest assured being a part of the Computer Network Technician program. Know that a dedicated team of educators and mentors are there to help, walking you through the transition from college to career. If there are ever any concerns, be sure to voice them to our helpful staff; we are dedicated to being in service to our students first and foremost, ensuring all needs are met, no matter how holistic.

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