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Natural Mosquito Repellents

On August 23 ICoHS was asked by a local FOX network TV station to do a segment on Natural Mosquito Repellents. Our Academic Coordinator, Shari Grayson, rose to the occasion and made her first TV appearance like a pro.

Here are some natural ways (all Julie Plunkett approved!) to combat pesky mosquitos (summer may soon be over, but mosquito season is not):

  • Wear light colored clothing (mosquitos like dark colors and dark places)
  • Stay covered with long pants and long sleeves
  • Avoid areas of standing water
  • Keep the air moving (fans on and blowing)
  • Plant mosquito repellent plants in your yard – rosemary, lavender, basil, mint, geranium
  • Use a yard spray such as Theraneem Yard Spray when enjoying the outdoors on your property
  • Burn a Citronella candle or Citronella incense
  • Use essential oils to create a room spray or body spray and apply to your ankles, neck, arms (re-apply every 2 hrs.) Alternatively, use natural (deet-free) commercial products like Badger,
  • Buzz Away or All-Terrain sprays/lotions
  • Avoid bananas because mosquitos love the smell of bananas from your pores
  • Take vitamin B1 as mosquitos do not like the smell of it coming from your pores
  • Try some of the above suggestions and enjoy the rest of your summer mosquito-free!

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