Continuing Education

Program Description

Enrolling as a CEU student occurs for a variety of reasons.
-Many ICoHS CEU students are licensed professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge of the body, satisfy continuing education requirements or strengthen their position in the holistic health industry by expanding the modalities they can offer to clients.
-Other CEU students are new to the field, choosing to take a few courses to sample the industry and decide whether full program enrollment is the path they seek.
-Still other CEU students are awaiting confirmation of outside funding before they can assume the financial responsibility of completing the MT, PMT or HHP programs. Seeking to join the ICoHS family as soon as possible, these future full program students are welcomed with open arms as they begin their holistic health journey.
Students who enroll as CEU students who wish to transfer into one of our full programs have two quarters to do so in order to have courses count towards their program of choice. We encourage you to contact our academic coordinator to consider your acaemic plan as early as possible!