Continuing Education

Program Description

Our continuing education program is designed to provide provide new and seasoned practitioniers and those with an interest in holistic health with opportunities for life-long learning. These courses offer an avenue for enriching and revitilizing your practice as well as furthering self-development.

Anyone may enroll as a Continuing Education Student, as long they have met the pre-requisites for the class in which they are enrolling and space is available.

  • This classification means that you are not a degree seeking student, you are interested in taking classes as they come available, and are not on any completion schedule, nor can you qualify for financial aid.

  • CEU students may transfer into one of our full programs at any time, completion and placement will be timed as of the official program enrollment date.

  • Only those courses that apply to the enrolled program may be transferred into that program.

  • Our classes have been approved for CEU's by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB).

Many CEU students are already certified professionals in Massage Therapy, Holistic Health, Nursing, Behavioral Sciences, Acupuncture.