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What Is CompTIA Certification? [Careers, Courses, & More]

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How can CompTIA take your career to the next level?

If you plan on entering into the IT career field, there is a procedure for stepping into those waters.

To begin with, you want to make sure you receive the right education to teach you the skills you need to be successful in the tech industry. If you have been searching for an affordable school for IT or for IT schools in San Diego, at ICOHS we offer training to become an IT network specialist, IT systems administrator, or a computer network technician.

Additionally, those who already have a background in information technology can opt for our continuing education program. We are a non-profit vocational college that offers specialized benefits for veterans and their families, but not only this, we also have a dedicated team of educators who are passionate about seeing their students succeed.

After you have secured the right education in IT, it does not necessarily mean that you are ready to enter the workforce. While you certainly can apply for jobs, companies normally want to see a series of certifications under your belt before they agree to take you on as their employee.

One of the most valuable and crucial certifications for IT is the CompTIA certification. This name makes it sound like there is only one component, but it is actually a series of four core certifications. On top of these four core certifications, the organization also offers a series of cybersecurity, infrastructure, and additional professional certifications.

In this article, we thoroughly discuss the various CompTIA courses, along with a general overview and insight into how this could impact your career in information technology.

What Is a CompTIA Certification?

While we have already briefly introduced the concept of CompTIA certification, we will now actually go into depth about this useful qualification.

A little background about CompTIA; they are a trade association based out of Chicago and they also happen to be nonprofit which helps them maintain a lower bias. Their structure is compromised of more than 3,000 partners, along with around 2,000 member organizations, which only proves the substantial size of this trade association.

Their primary goal is to educate specialists in the IT industry, primarily by certifying them, which in turn also helps with employability.

Understanding the Core CompTIA Certifications

Although CompTIA offers more than just their four core certifications, because these are the most common, they are going to be the primary focus of this article. The four core certifications are IT Fundamentals+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA A+, and CompTIA Security+.

IT Fundamentals+ Overview

Designed primarily for novices or those just starting out with IT, if you are familiar with the basics of PC functionality, this course may very well be for you. It is useful to also have an understanding of the basics of networking, hardware, security risks/prevention, and the installation of software in preparation for undertaking the Fundamentals+ certification.

● Only one test is required to earn the certification
● For those who are looking to get their foot in the IT door or who are switching careers and delving into the tech world

CompTIA A+ Overview

Another fundamental CompTIA certification that is widely required by many tech companies is CompTIA A+. If you intend to score a job in technical support or aim to pursue a path in information technology, passing this test is essentially an industry standard.

● More than 1 million IT specialists have earned the CompTIA A+ certification
● Certification is split up into two primary examinations

Career opportunities:
● Field service technician
● Technical support specialist
● IT support technician

CompTIA Network+ Overview

CompTIA Network+ prepares IT professionals by providing them with the information they will need to pursue careers in cybersecurity and information technology infrastructure.

● Only one exam is necessary to acquire certification
● Many companies require the Network+ certification; Apple, Intel, HP, Dell, etc.

Career opportunities:
● Network analyst
● Network support technician
● Tech support
● Network administrator

CompTIA Security+ Overview

Much like CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+ builds upon the skills learned from the A+ and Fundamentals+ certifications, except it places an emphasis upon cybersecurity and its many aspects. If you intend to seek a career in IT security, this is often a needed certification and is expected of many potential employers.

● Only one exam is required to obtain this certification
● Designed for those passionate about pursuing cybersecurity

Career opportunities:
● Security specialist
● Security consultant
● Security or systems administrator

Cybersecurity Certifications: A Brief Description

These are a class of CompTIA certifications that emphasize on cybersecurity and are designed for those pursuing paths in this specific field. They are primarily made for more experienced IT professionals who have already passed the core trainings such as A+, Security+, Network+, etc.

The certifications offered in this group include CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner+ (CASP+), CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+), and CompTIA PenTest+.

Infrastructure Certifications: The Details

Another program designed mostly for already-experienced information technology specialists who have achieved basic CompTIA certifications, infrastructure certifications are focused upon networking and server management. Infrastructure serves, in many ways, as an alternative path to the cybersecurity route which many also decide to pursue.

The certifications in this class are CompTIA Linux+, CompTIA Cloud+, and CompTIA Server+.

Additional Professional Certifications: What Are They?

CompTIA’s additional professional certifications are courses that provide further knowledge outside of the paths already offered by this organization. These are ideal for those who would like to enhance their IT professional skills beyond merely cybersecurity, networking, and the core CompTIA fundamental options.

CompTIA Cloud Essentials, for example, focuses on the details surrounding cloud computing, along with the business aspects involved.

On the other hand, CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) is more geared towards those keen on better understanding technical training and its nuances.

Finally, CompTIA Project+ is tailored towards project managers within the information technology industry who would like to further master their skills and abilities.

CompTIA Certification Explained: Our Conclusion

As can be seen, CompTIA certification is an invaluable addition to your resume if you intend to pursue a career in information technology. Many employers are searching for specialists that are also approved by CompTIA because it is a reputable organization that they can trust to ensure the quality and expertise of job applicants.

While CompTIA certification is not necessary, per se, it is a wise accessory for those dedicated to successful employment in the technology industry. For this reason, IT professionals are encouraged to get certified by CompTIA and watch as their career path changes for the better.

It is just important to keep in mind that while CompTIA certification does look extra enticing for employers, sadly it will not guarantee you a job on its own. It is vital to gain a thorough education and understanding of information technology in order to work in the field. Working hard and mastering your skillset also increases employability within the IT industry.

Ready to start your career in IT? Reach out to us today and request more information.

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