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10 Reasons to Start a Career in Information Technology as a Computer Network Technician

Are you interested in working as a computer network technician but aren’t completely sold on the potential this job has to offer? Discover 10 reasons why you should start a career in information technology:


1. The world is turning digital and you’ll be at the forefront of this technological revolution.


When we consider that more than 4 billion people in the world use the internet as of 2018, it is safe to say that our world has become digital. Lucky for you, a career in technology means you’ll be at the forefront of this immense technological revolution.


2. You can expect salaries that are far above average and with plenty of room for promotions.


Glassdoor reports the average salary of a computer network technician to be more than $55,000 USD per year, an amount far above the average salary in the United States, with plenty of room for pay raises.


3. Working as a computer network technician creates versatile possibilities for career opportunities.


Any industry that has an online computer network will be in need of a computer network technician to operate and monitor their systems, which generates a diverse realm of possibilities for your future career. You’ll be faced with an endless number of potential companies to work for.


4. The job demand in the IT industry is growing rapidly states, “demand for information technology (IT) workers is high and should continue to grow as firms invest in newer, faster technology and mobile networks”, with a 6% expected growth from 2016 to 2026. This means you won’t have to worry about finding a job in this budding industry.


5. You’ll never be bored at work or feel you’re working without a purpose.


No one likes to feel bored at work or feel as if the work they are completing serves no purpose in the real world. Being certified as a computer network technician means your job is a valuable asset to whatever company you choose to work for. You can expect to tackle exciting, fresh tasks that will keep your day-to-day work interesting and far from mundane. Most of all, you’ll be in charge of keeping a company’s networks up-to-date and their cybersecurity solid.


6. Work for companies that treat their employees fairly and offer excellent benefits.


As a computer network technician, you’ll be entering a fairly new field, which often involves companies that are considerably more modern with cutting-edge work practices. Start-ups and budding tech companies are notorious for their fair treatment of employees and plethora of benefits, and if you choose to work in tech you’ll have better access to these fair workplace practices as well.


7. Work flexible hours and even from home (remotely) if need be.


Because you will be primarily working with technology as a computer network technician, you can expect to have flexible working hours and possibilities to work remotely with certain businesses. This creates a massive opportunity for you to become the dictator of your own life and schedule, finding an arrangement that works for you and your needs, all while continuing to profit.


8. Develop outstanding problem-solving skills that can be implemented in other aspects of everyday life.


Whether you are working with technology or dealing with everyday life, problem-solving skills are an essential part of day to day tasks, becoming especially useful throughout your life. Throughout your journey towards becoming a computer network technician, you’ll begin to tackle some challenging problems that you’ll need to generate solutions for, strengthening and training your brain to think in this manner. Now imagine if something similar was to arise in your lifetime; you’d know exactly how to go about finding a solution.


9. Your IT training and certification won’t require years upon years of your time; the education process is fairly quick.


While certain careers are notorious for requiring years upon years of extensive education and training costing you tons of money and time, computer network technician training isn’t the same way. Although certification programs do vary in length, typically they require less than two years to complete with full-time studies. Not too bad for a career with a far above average yearly salary.


10. It will be incredibly easy to find top-of-the-line classes, workshops, and trainings for you to build-up your skill-set.


When it comes to discovering the right classes and trainings to build your skill-set as a computer network technician, there are numerous possibilities and directions you can take. If you are located in or around the San Diego area, offers an excellent program that can prepare you for entry-level management positions in this field, covering topics such as cybersecurity, installing operating systems, setting up wireless networks, and so much more. The courses at this vocational school are accredited and industry recognized, receiving excellent reviews from both professionals and former students.


Request information on how to become a part of today and get started on your computer network technician training!

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