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Benefits of Getting IT Certified

We’ve all seen that technology is the wave of the future. Think about the technological advances that have happened in your lifetime alone. Behind all that exciting technology is a workforce of IT professionals making it all happen.

If you want to join that workforce, there are a few ways to go about it. You could choose an IT certification or a four-year degree in IT. A four-year degree will open the door for more theoretical IT positions like engineering, but it’s an expensive degree and you’re left waiting four years before you begin your career.

IT certifications, on the other hand, will qualify you for entry-level IT positions like system administrators and technicians. However, you can rise up in the industry after getting your foot in the door and you don’t have to wait four years to get started.

While there are pros and cons of all these options, an IT certification is a happy medium with the strongest advantages. Consider these top benefits of getting IT certified.

High Earning Potential for the Time and Cost Required

The earning potential for an IT career in network and computer systems administration is over $83,000 per year. That’s more than double the overall median salary in the US.

Most careers with this high earning potential require extensive amounts of schooling, which often costs over $100,000. An IT certification, on the other hand, opens you up to an exceptional level of financial success with far less time and expense before you can launch your career.

Customizable Certifications for Countless Career Paths

The world of IT is expansive, and so is the world of IT certifications. There are many different IT certifications with their own specialties, and you can decide your career path by choosing which certifications you want to receive.

For instance, you might start with a general certification like the CompTIA A+. After getting experience in the workforce, you decide to focus on IT networking so you pursue the Cisco CCNA certification and the CompTIA Network+ (or Net+) certification. This sets you up for further promotions and specializations in networking.

Information Technology Certifications Offer a Faster Career Start

To consider whether an IT certification is right for you, you need to compare the other options. One of the major downsides to a bachelor’s degree in IT is the fact that you’re waiting four years to start your career. If you multiply four years by the average median salary of $83,000 per year, you’re missing out on $332,000.

IT certifications take far less time to acquire so you can launch your career and build your earning potential sooner. You’ll need to take a dedicated test for each IT certification you acquire, and it takes far less than four years to get the knowledge you need for those tests.

Customizable Qualifications

The beauty of IT certifications is that there are so many of them you can choose. Some are rather general, like the CompTIA A+ certification which covers general knowledge about many aspects of IT. Others are more specialized, like the Microsoft MCSA or the CompTIA Security+.

As you build your career, you can choose the certifications you want one-by-one and develop the portfolio that qualifies you for your dream job. Compare that to a four-year degree in IT, which is an all-or-nothing approach. You might want to specialize in one particular IT area, your degree also covers topics you don’t need to know about in addition to years of liberal arts courses.

Numerous Career Options

IT professionals are necessary for almost every type of company. Small businesses and large corporations need them, and so do companies in every industry. All these jobs are available to those with IT certifications.

This means that your IT certification gives you options regardless of where you live. Certain industries and businesses are more prevalent in some areas than others, but no matter what industry is thriving in your city, they need IT specialists.

Multiple Paths to Information Technology Certification

If you get a bachelor’s degree for your IT career, there’s only one option: spend four years or longer earning your degree. IT certifications are far more flexible.

You earn IT certifications by passing specific tests, and you can choose any training you want to prepare for those exams. For example, ICOHS offers full programs for systems administration and network specialization which will prepare you for multiple certifications. We also offer boot camp programs which prepare you for individual certifications within a few short months.

Enjoying the Benefits of Getting IT Certified

When you’re exploring your options for a new career, you can’t ignore the benefits of getting IT certified. You get a faster entry into a growing, high-paying field without spending four years of your life and six figures of tuition on a bachelor’s degree.

To learn more about earning your IT certifications or to sign up for our next IT training courses, check out our IT Program Options, or simply contact ICOHS College today.

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