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What Does An IT Server Administrator Do?

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In 2021, the information technology market grew to a whopping $8370.95 billion. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects the industry will grow by 13 percent over the next decade, adding about 667,600 new jobs to the market by 2030. MixedIn 2021, the information technology market grew to a whopping $8370.95 billion. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects the industry will grow by 13 percent over the next decade, adding about 667,600 new jobs to the market by 2030. Mixed in with those listings will be opportunities for IT server administrators. These individuals are responsible for all server-based business applications. Read on to learn more about what they do, educational requirements, salary expectations, and more.


What Does It Mean to Become an IT Server Administrator?

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Just as the title implies, a server administrator must ensure a company’s computer servers operate effectively. Routine server administration tasks include monitoring server activity, troubleshooting technical problems, upgrading software, maintaining hardware, implementing new system structures, and auditing server security.

What Kind of Training Does a Server Administrator Need?

Qualifications for IT server admin positions typically include an associate’s degree in information technology, information systems, or computer science. Employers also prefer applicants with adequate knowledge about different server operating systems, like Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Where Do Server Administrators Work?

Many server administrators work for large businesses that are heavily web-dependent. There are lots of salaried positions available to IT server administrators, allowing them to work normal business hours. However, system upgrades and other maintenance tasks may have to be completed outside of typical business hours to avoid impacting business operations.

Salary & Career Outlook

According to the BLS, Network and Computer System Administrators earn a median annual pay of $84,810 per year, with the highest 10 percent of earners pocketing over $134,970 annually. 

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The organization also predicts that employment among this group will grow by five percent over the next decade, with 24,900 new jobs hitting the market by 2030.

Server Administrator vs. System Administrator vs. Database Administrator

Anytime “administrator” is added to a job title, things can get confusing. Below, we’ve outlined some key differences between server administrator responsibilities and similar titles.

  • Server Administrator: Monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain all aspects of a company’s data center.
  • System Administrator: Provide technical support as needed to ensure a company’s computer systems run smoothly.
  • Database Administrator: Maintain an organization’s database and ensure all related applications are functional and efficient.

Skills You Need to Succeed in the Field

Individuals who are interested in becoming a server administrator should possess the following skills:

  • Technical Skills: Everything a server administrator does is technical in nature. They must also be able to understand and administer new technologies as they become available. A foundation in concepts related to computer hardware and software, networking, databases, programming, information systems, and data security is important.
  • Problem-Solving Abilities: Problems pop up daily. Server administrators must be prepared to handle unexpected tasks to keep a company’s systems running successfully. These may include troubleshooting, configuring, and repairing PCs, laptops, printers, cellphones, tablets through hubs, access points, switches, and routers from firewalls to security devices and more.
  • Attention to Detail: Computer systems are dense. A server administrator must pay close attention to maintenance and troubleshooting tasks to ensure they are completed correctly. 
  • Math Skills: Most courses for server administrators require strong mathematical skills. In some instances, they may be required to pass a mathematical aptitude exam.
  • Communication Skills: Administrators must be able to effectively communicate all issues and requirements to the rest of the team.


Is server administration a good career?

Server administration is a great career for technically-minded individuals. According to the BLS, employment opportunities will increase by five percent over the next 10 years. Individuals can also earn an average annual salary of over $84,000.

How can I learn server administration?

The best way to learn server administration is by earning a bachelor’s degree in information technology, information systems, or computer science.

How do I become an administrator without a degree?

Though most employers prefer applicants with a bachelor’s level of education, certificate courses are available. Popular options include CompTIA Server+, CompTIA Linux+, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

Which is the best course for system admin?

You can get certified and become a Systems Administrator in as little as 12 months at ICOHS College. We offer both online and on-campus options where students will learn to install, manage, and troubleshoot software in today’s market.


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As information technology continues to grow, server administrators will remain high in demand. Get the training you need to break into the field. ​ICOHS College offers a range of certificate programs and Bootcamps including:

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