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The ICOHS Difference

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At ICOHS we’re dedicated to serving the community. A vocational school that was first founded in 1984, we’re a fully accredited, non-profit education institution, with a number one priority that our students receive the best, most personalized education possible. We are actively involved in volunteerism as a way to show gratitude and to be in service to the community. Additionally, we are honored to serve the military, with specialized resources and education benefits for veterans, active duty military, military reservists, and military spouses.

Get to know the ICOHS difference…

Intriguing programs to choose from that allow you to truly specialize and focus in on where your interests lie.

Currently offering five primary programs to choose from, along with a Continuing Education option in two fields, students are able to further specialize depending upon their own interests.

Develop the skills and tools you’ll need by choosing one of the following paths:

● Professional Massage Therapist
● Holistic Health Practitioner
● IT Systems Administrator
● IT Network Specialist
● Computer Network Technician (Information Technology)
● Continuing Education (Holistic Health & Massage, Information Technology)

Professional Massage Therapist:

Students are provided with advanced training in a variety of massage therapy techniques. Upon completion, graduates are given an education that exceeds standard training requirements needed to receive a work certification as a Massage Therapist through the California Massage Therapy Council. Possible employment opportunities include:

● Health clubs
● Day spas
● Chiropractors’ offices
● Independent contractor work as a Massage Therapist
● Self start a business and entrepreneurial ventures

Holistic Health Practitioner:

Students are provided with a holistic overview and multifaceted education that goes above and beyond the preparations necessary to achieve the certification requirements for the State of California to practice as a Massage Therapist and for the City of San Diego permit as a Holistic Health Practitioner. Students enrolled in our Holistic Health Practitioner program get to choose from the following concentrations:

● Orthopedic I & II/Sports Massage/Structural Integration
● Craniosacral Therapy I & II/Reiki I & II
● Aromatherapy/Vibrational Healing/Pregnancy Massage/Sensory Repatterning
● Yoga Teacher Training
● Herbology and Nutrition

IT Systems Administrator:

A certification designed to teach the professional and technical skills necessary for installation, management, and troubleshooting of software. Additionally, students are taught what’s needed to prepare for industry certifications including CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network +, CompTIA Security +, Microsoft Certified Professional, and MCSA Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate. Students can choose from a range of courses including:

● Intro to PC
● Intro to Networking
● Client Operating Systems
● Server 2016 Install & Storage
● Advanced Career Development
● Career Success
● …and more!

IT Network Specialist:

Students of the IT Network Specialist program learn to repair, install, and configure PC computers, along with Cisco routers and switches. Additionally, knowledge is gained regarding the troubleshooting of wired and wireless networks for a variety of operating systems including Windows 10 and Linux. Finally, operating system security is taught, regarding how to combat worms, viruses, and malware. Opportunities are given for students to attain certifications such as CompTIA Security +, A+, N+, Linux +, and a CCNA. Students get to choose from a range of courses including:

● Intro to PC
● Linux
● Routing & Switching I & II
● Career Success
● Security Pro
● …and more!

Computer Network Technician (Information Technology):

Designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge that they’ll need to become Computer Network Technicians, this program prepares graduates for entry-level positions in computers and Information Technology. While being focused on technology, the Computer Network Technician Training program still takes a holistic approach to education with small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and a close-knit education environment. Students are given a solid foundation in the following:

● Selecting, installing, securing and configuring basic personal computing hardware
● Installing various Windows operating systems and basic productivity applications (such as Microsoft Office)
● Setting up simple wired and wireless networks
● Creating and managing active directory domain
● Working with virtualized systems
● Learning the fundamentals of Cybersecurity and data/network protection

Continuing Education (Holistic Health & Massage):

Designed to provide new and seasoned practitioners with opportunities for lifelong learning, the Continuing Education program serves as a way to deepen your practice and self-development for those who have an interest in holistic health. This program is not for degree-seeking students, rather those who are interested in taking classes as they are available. Many Continuing Education students are already working professionally as Acupuncturists, Behavioral Scientists, Massage Therapists, Holistic Health Practitioners, and Nurses. Focus in on:

● Advanced Massage Modalities
● Herbology
● Nutrition
● Yoga

Continuing Education (Information Technology):

This 5-week long Continuing Education program in Information Technology covers practical application, troubleshooting, and basic configuration. All students are welcome to be a part of the Continuing Education program, so be it they meet the prerequisites. This program is designed to enhance learning and generate opportunities for students to achieve several CompTIA certifications including:

● Security +
● A+
● Network +
● Linux +
● Cisco CCNA
● Microsoft Server 2016

The student experience is personalized and tailored to focus upon the strengths, learning styles, gifts, and graces of each unique individual.

ICOHS faculty are determined to work closely with students in a manner where their strengths, gifts, learning styles, and graces can be utilized to further each individual’s goals, passions, and pursuits. The educators at ICOHS truly care, on both a professional and personal level, which is why students are facilitated in an environment that is dynamic, diverse, compassionate, and professional.

Receive all the tools you need to build a meaningful career and create a life you love. Pursue your passion and your purpose.

At ICOHS, students not only get the hands-on experience they need to pursue a career of their dreams, but they are also guided the entire way by dedicated teachers who are already working and experienced in their field.

Incredible programs that can not only benefit career goals but personal wellbeing too.

With study options that go beyond the traditional college approach to education, the programs offered at ICOHS are unique for a number of reasons. Many students enter our school with the intention of not only starting a fulfilling career to serve others, but to serve themselves as well. For example, the Holistic Healing Practitioner program has attracted students seeking a way to heal their own selves, utilizing the information taught as tools for managing anxiety and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Gain the skills you need for great employability.

Educators at ICOHS ensure that graduates are ready to face the professional world post-graduation. ICOHS graduates are:

● Reliable
● Confident
● Knowledgeable
● Punctual
● Skillful
● Passionate
● Fully prepared to accept any employment opportunity in their respective field

Students get lifetime access to free job placement upon completion of their program.

On top of being fully ready to tackle any work environment, ICOHS graduates are also given lifetime access to connections in their respective industries. We support students even after they’ve completed their education, offering free job placement and any knowledge we have that can further each individual’s career.

Request more information about ICOHS today, and become a part of the ICOHS difference!

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