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7 Steps to Start a Career in Information Technology (IT)

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve just come to the conclusion that you’re interested in beginning a career in Information Technology, but have no idea where to start.

The process of beginning your IT journey isn’t all that complicated, but it will require some serious decision making and consideration of your own personal goals, expectations, intentions, and flexibilities. Here are 7 steps to start a career in Information Technology.

Step 1: Determine your passions within IT

First, you’ll want to determine your passions, interests, and goals. Lay out your career path accordingly.

Having an IT related career isn’t for everyone. That is why it’s vital to understand your passions, interests, and goals, so you can discover whether or not Information Technology is the field you’d like to get involved in. Do your research and find out which areas of expertise are in need of IT specialists, and determine whether or not this matches up with your incentives.

Step 2: Narrow down your area of interest.

There are a number of possible careers in Information Technology. Just to name a few, here’s what you might come across:

● Information Technology Manager
● Software Engineer
● Database Administrator
● Computer Technical Support Specialist
● Computer Network Architect
● Network Administrator
● Hardware Engineer
● PC Repair Technician
● Network Support Specialist
● Systems Administrator

There are many paths you can choose in Information Technology, but by being able to narrow down your area of interest, you can ensure that you’ll receive the proper education to meet your career goals.

Step 3: Transitioning from Self-Taught IT skills to a Career

Next, take some time to consider your self-taught skills, and proceed accordingly.

When selecting an IT path, it can be useful to consider your self-taught skills prior to making any decisions. If you have Information Technology related abilities, and if you find the work to be interesting or even exciting, it may be wise to proceed accordingly. Particularly if you are passionate about a specific aspect of Information Technology, try to find an education path that could expand upon your already existent skills, making the entire career building process that much easier in the long run.

Step 4: Decide your availability and desired work hours.

When entering a new career, every individual has a different set up in mind. For some, working 9-5 five days a week is ideal, while others prefer to have more flexible hours. The good news about a career in IT is, no two jobs are the same. With that being said, some companies allow for flexible work accommodations or even remote work, while others expect stricter deadlines and schedules for their employees. Additionally, both full time and part-time work opportunities exist in IT, which further allows you to tailor this career field to your needs. Truly consider the type of availability and workload that would suit you best, and keep this in mind when you actually start your job hunt.

Step 5: Getting the right education for an IT career

Now, you’re ready to get your education and learn the skills necessary to work in your chosen field.

Most employers in the IT world are looking for employees that have some form of higher education. Although it’s true that some companies hire people who have the right skillset even if they don’t have the formal education to back it up, it may be best to enroll in a program that can teach what you’ll need to know at your first day on the job. Typically, IT companies are looking for related certifications, and ICOHS can help.

Offering three programs related to Information Technology, as well as a Continuing Education specialization for working IT professionals who want to expand upon their skills, this fully accredited vocational school can assist in getting you prepared for a blossoming career in the technology industry. ICOHS currently offers these education paths:

Computer and Networking Technician Certification Program
IT Network Specialist
IT Systems Administrator
Continuing Education: Information Technology

If you’re located in or around the San Diego, California area and are desiring a reputable, tailored-to-you education in Information Technology, be sure to contact ICOHS and request more information about their IT programs.

Step 6: Build your resume and exemplify your skills.

In order to prepare for an IT career, you’ll want to have a strong resume that accurately exemplifies your skills, along with your intentions going into a technology-related career. Get ready to present all of your certifications, self-taught skills, internships, work experiences, additional skills, and more. Be sure to research any of your future interview opportunities too. If a company presents you with an interview opening, study the business and understand the basic ins and outs of its mission. You’ll want to be fully prepared proceeding into any interview so that you can score your dream job and make your career goals become a reality.

Step 7: Go on the job hunt.

After you’ve received your IT certifications/education and perfected your resume, it’s time to start the job hunt. These are the types of careers and pay you can expect to receive after completing one of our programs:

IT Career Salary

Not only does getting your education at ICOHS College improve your access to networking with industry professionals, but ICOHS also works with their students, offering them lifetime job placement and looking after them long after the actual education has been completed. This attribute attests to the vocational school’s deep care and consideration for their students and it also serves as a viable reason to choose a fully accredited, highly qualified learning path with ICOHS.

Do what you love in life and be supported by a school that wants you to succeed. Find out more about our IT certifications and programs click  >>HERE<<

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