4 Ways Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Complement Massage Therapy and Holistic Healing

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CBD, known scientifically as cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in both the marijuana and hemp plants. The non-intoxicating substance has been utilized by individuals globally who claim it helps relieve a long list of medical conditions, diseases, and other debilitating conditions. Some evidence shows that CBD can potentially also complement massage therapy and holistic healing. Typically purchased in either oil tincture form or as a topical, here we take a look at available studies to see how cannabidiol can be of benefit in these areas of healing.

1. Relieve body pain and muscle tension.

It is common that those seeking the services of a massage therapist are searching for relief from body pain and muscle tension. Studies have shown that CBD, in both oral and topical form, expresses great promise in the reduction of pain.

● A 2017 study released in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology expressed, “the study gives further support to the notion that the sensorial and affective dimensions of pain may be differentially modulated by CBD.”

2. Reduce body inflammation.

Probably one of CBD’s most discussed uses is for inflammation reduction. This is often times an extreme necessity, especially in massage therapy where some clients are trying to heal injuries and reduce inflammation. For inflammation reduction, both topical cannabidiol creams and oral CBD oils could potentially be of benefit. Although plenty of research does exist regarding CBD’s connection with inflammation, these stood out:

● A study published in 2011 by Booz found, “…non-psychotropic cannabinoid cannabidiol, which may interact with the endocannabinoid system but has actions that are distinct, offers promise as a prototype for anti-inflammatory drug development.”
Research released in 2012 by Xiong et al. states, “we report that systemic and intrathecal administration of cannabidiol (CBD)… suppress chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain without causing apparent analgesic tolerance in rodents.”

3. Decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.

With holistic healing, the entire body is taken into account, with the emotional and spiritual aspects also being considered. It’s well known that mind-oriented conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress manifest in physical ways, often times coupled with very observable symptoms. In order for an individual to be truly at peace physically, their mental state must also be taken into account. For this reason, orally ingested CBD may be of assistance for those looking to decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. The studies that have been conducted do look quite promising.

A study released in 2014 by de Mello Schier et al. observed cannabidiol’s interaction with animal models that performed a variety of experiments that were meant to induce anxiety. The results found that “CBD exhibited an anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects in animal models discussed”.
A report published in the 2017 British Journal of Pharmacology states, “Studies show that cannabidiol, the main non-psychotomimetic phytocannabinoid found in Cannabis sativa, reduces anxiety…”.
A 2016 study released in the journal Neuropharmacology found “that CBD could represent a novel fast antidepressant drug…”.

4. Regulate sleep patterns and habits.

Adequate sleep is an essential part of living a healthy life because the body and mind undergo many necessary healing processes while asleep. Those who suffer from insomnia, sleeplessness, or sleep disorders often times display physical symptoms including stress, depression, headaches, chronic fatigue, and more. Because CBD impacts the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body and regulating functions such as sleep, studies have shown that cannabidiol plays its role in maintaining balanced sleep patterns and better slumber.

2006 research by Murillo-Rodriguez et al. found that “…since CBD induces alertness, it might be of therapeutic value in sleep disorders such as excessive somnolence.”

Important Questions Answered About CBD Oil

Sometimes it can be challenging to navigate the internet and find answers to pressing CBD-related questions. Here we delve into some important questions regarding CBD oil to bring about clarity and education.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

Due to unclear laws and regulations in many states regarding CBD oil, the product still has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA, as is the case with many supplements on the market. With that being said, CBD oil is met with few adverse effects, but all CBD products aren’t made the same. Just because a company sells CBD oil, does not mean their options contain the best, purest possible quantities of CBD.

It is important to always purchase CBD oil from a reputable vendor, and most of all if you are considering taking CBD oil orally, speak with a doctor that is familiar with cannabidiol and its potential benefits. In fact, Mayo Clinic recommends, “If you plan to use products containing CBD, talk to your doctor.”

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Hemp-derived CBD products are legal in all 50 states according to the 2018 Farm Bill which was recently passed in the United States. While hemp-derived CBD is allowed everywhere, cannabis-derived CBD oil is not legal on a Federal level, but because California recognizes marijuana as a recreationally legal substance, it is possible to find both hemp-derived and cannabis-derived CBD products for sale in CA. For cannabis-derived CBD, you’ll likely have to visit a recreational dispensary and be 21 years or older, but hemp-derived CBD can be utilized and obtained by any age.

Is CBD Oil Addictive?

CBD oil contains mere trace amounts of THC (typically parts per billion), meaning it is a non-intoxicating substance and won’t get you “high”, a sensation so often linked with marijuana consumption. This lack of THC means that CBD is not addictive, and the World Health Organization agrees, claiming in a 2017 report that cannabidiol has no “abuse or dependence potential”. With that being said, it is vital to always source your CBD from reputable vendors. This ensures that the cannabidiol products you buy truly only possess trace amounts of the psychoactive compound THC.

Is CBD Oil the Same as Hemp Oil?

Not quite. While some CBD oils are hemp-derived and are processed from the hemp plant, hemp oil is not made the same way as hemp-derived CBD oil. Hemp oil is normally only extracted from hemp seeds, while hemp-derived CBD oil is made from the entire hemp plant. This difference in extraction increases one major factor; cannabidiol content.

By undergoing a more full-spectrum process, CBD oil made from the hemp plant contains much higher quantities of cannabidiol than plain hemp oil ever could. On the other hand, marijuana-derived CBD oil is far from hemp oil in similarity because it is extracted from a different plant altogether.

Located in the San Diego, California area and interested in studying massage or holistic healing? ICOHS College is an accredited, non-profit vocational school offering two comprehensive programs for individuals looking to become professional massage therapists and holistic health practitioners. Get in contact today to request more information.

3 of the Most In-Demand Careers in San Diego

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With an ever-evolving employment sector, it can be challenging to know which careers are on the up-and-up, and which opportunities could potentially lead to a greater number of roadblocks and difficulties. Especially with a rise in technology-related employment opportunities, the most in-demand sectors are changing, so it makes sense that there are new factors to consider when deciding upon a career that not only interests you, but also has viable employment opportunities.

  1. Information Technology (IT)

    From computer and network technicians to network specialists to systems administrators, the diversity of the expanding careers in information technology (IT) is astounding. With more than 52,000 individuals working in computer and mathematics-related careers in San Diego alone, as the world becomes even more technologically driven there will continue to be a mass demand for specialists who are up-to-date with the latest computer services and software. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects computer and information technology occupations to increase by 13% between the years of 2014-2024 throughout the United States. This means that more than 550,000 new jobs would become available in this field. Since your options are potentially endless, here are some opportunities related to IT:

    ● Network and computer systems administrator
    ● Computer systems analyst
    ● Computer network support specialists
    ● Computer user support specialists
    ● IT security specialist
    ● IT systems administrator
    ● Technology manager
    ● Software developer
    ● IT network specialist
    ● Computer and networking technician
    ● Computer network architects
    ● And many more!

    ICOHS, a non-profit, accredited vocational school, offers three primary information technology (IT) programs for individuals interested in beginning a fulfilling career in this field. Educators work closely with students supporting and guiding them throughout their education, as well as once they start stepping into their career roles. At ICOHS you can be a part of the:

    Computer and Networking Technician Certification program
    IT Network Specialist program
    IT Systems Administrator program

    ICOHS Computer Networking Technician Certification Program:

    ● Gain knowledge: implementing, managing, and troubleshooting network and security issues
    ● Learn: basic PC repair, networking and security, and operating systems
    ● Introduction to: VMWare, Microsoft Office, and keyboarding skills

    ICOHS IT Network Specialist Program:

    ● Get prepared: install, repair, and configure PC computers, plus Cisco routers and switches
    ● Gain skills: troubleshoot wired/wireless networks and operating systems (Windows 10 and Linux)
    ● Combat: malware, viruses, and worms to secure operating systems
    ● Opportunity to attain certifications after each course (CompTIA Security +, A+, N+, Linux +, and CCNA)

    IT Systems Administrator Program:

    ● Get prepared: with a comprehensive set of skills to be employable in network/systems administration
    ● Develop: professional skills to be an efficient worker in a computerized world

2. Health Care

With more than 100,000 people employed in the health care sector in San Diego County alone according to the San Diego Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s safe to say that this industry is certainly an important one and will continue to be. Surprisingly, there still doesn’t seem to be enough employees to fill all the available positions related to health care. In particular, there’s a need for certified nursing assistants and home health aides in San Diego. As much as traditional medical practices need dedicated and passionate employees, more holistic approaches seem to be the following trend. Holistic health practitioners are on the rise too, with an expected 16-17% rate of job growth between the years of 2014-2024, according to Learn.org. Whether you would prefer to start a career in more traditional medicine or holistic, the choice is definitely yours, because both branches are growing at an incredible rate.

Although ICOHS does not offer any traditional health care programs, there is an accredited Holistic Health Practitioner option which prepares students for a budding career in holistic health. If becoming a holistic health practitioner resonates with you, request more information.

3. Massage Therapy

Parts of San Diego and Southern California, in general, are considerably health conscious. Many individuals are involved in living a life of wellbeing, which at times includes getting a massage therapist involved for healing bodywork. Massage therapy is no longer seen as merely a luxury purchase, rather this rising profession is viewed now more like a wise investment for overall health and wellbeing, much as people don’t think twice when paying their important medical bills. The rise in massage therapy-related careers is not only expected in San Diego but rather the entirety of America; it just makes sense that a city as health-oriented as SD would be involved greatly in that upwards growth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 42,000 new jobs in massage therapy will be available between the years of 2016-2026. This is a far above average increase, which just goes to show that massage therapy truly is an in-demand career in San Diego and beyond.

ICOHS College, an accredited vocational school in the downtown San Diego area, offers a fully immersive Professional Massage Therapist program, so you can begin a rewarding career in health and bodywork. Reach out to ICOHS and request more information today.

If any three of these blooming careers interests you and you’re located in or around the San Diego area, get in touch today with ICOHS and request more information.

The 3 Neglected Needs – Part 1: “Breath”

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Have you ever caught yourself holding your breath while concentrating, focusing or just in your day to day activities?
It is really amazing that in this day and age we are so busy that we forget the life-saving miracle of breathing.
Yes, Breathing. I know that we tend to think; ‘if wasn’t breathing, I would be dead’ how true that is!
However, The quality of breath can make the difference between having a heart attack, High Blood Pressure, alleviating unexpected sharp pains, releasing tension and stress and it can also be used to help you assess if your pain needs emergency attention or not.

A quote I like states:
“focusing on the act of breathing clears the mind of all daily distractions and clears our energy enabling us to better connect with the spirit within.” Unknown Author.

The type of breath taken makes a difference when we’re talking about pain, discomfort or stress alleviation. In our modern hustle and bustle, dead-lined, rush to do’s, to complete or to maintain mostly causes us to sustain our lives with shallow breathing or intermittent breathing. I propose at the minimum we take 3 deep intentional breaths every hour. Know that, these breaths require you to breathe in through your nostrils and exhale a Hawww releasing Sound out of your mouth. (not a Whoo, shoo or light controlled release; just a Hawww releasing sound 3 times consecutively per hour. Yes, other sounds can be adapted for varying focuses.

In Chinese medicine, we have elementals/meridian/organ sounds. The meridians are associated and or resonate with each organ sound. On the meridians are Points that when stimulated can produce specific and desired outcomes based on the goal or reason they are utilized. There are varying ways to utilize sound and or elemental sounds.

In Chinese medicine when in good health one practice is cycle breathing of the sounds in the order of the 5 elements, 5 Transformations or 5 generation cycle in the element rotation to maintain good health: these sounds are She/(Xū) associates with (Wood/Liver/or springtime)→ Hawww/(Hē) sound associates with (Fire/Heart/summer time)→ Whoo/(Hū) sound associates with (Earth/SP/St/or all seasons)→ sssss/(Sī) sound associates with (Metal/Lungs/Autumn time)→ shu/(Chuī) sound associates with (Water/Kidneys/Winter time) and the → Sheee/(Xī) sound more pronounced than the 1st time we used (Wood/Liver/spring time). These sounds are so-pose to help with maintaining good health when you are in good relative health producing an energetic, physical and organ balanced.

Along the same lines if trying to promote healing and or rebalancing imbalances another practice using those same sound in a different order is called the Ko or controlling cycle of breath those sounds are Hawww/(Hē)sound associates with (Fire/heart/ summer time) → Ssss/(Sī)sound associates with (Metal/Lung/autumn time) → Shee/(Xū) sound associates with (Wood/Liver/spring) → Whoo/(Hū) sound associates with (Earth/St/Sp or all seasons) → Shu/(Chuī) sound associates with (Water/Kidney/winter) → Sheee/(Xī) sound associates with (Wood/Liver/spring time) again.
Both of these techniques do work and are also used in the 5 element treatment of imbalance of which I may get into another time. Even though in Chinese medicine the Whooo sound as the anytime sound. In my practice, I have found that the Hawww (he) sound worked best at alleviating constriction, tension, pain, discomfort and has a calming effect on the mind and body at any time.

In the physiological function of breath in many practices, express inhalation of air in lungs through the use of the diaphragm which is located under the lungs and exhalation through the nostrils is often used in meditative practices. Where instead of Breathing into the diaphragm ones inhales down to their Dan Tian (area below the umbilicus [navel]) and releases a relaxed exhalation out of the nostrils while maintaining either an open light non-specific gaze or relaxed closed eyes.

Our focus is inhalation through the nostrils which helps build energy than doing a releasing Hawww sound to then releases constrictions & tension or incorporating visualization of the breath breathing in positive energy and expelling negative energy. Breathing in light, health, and harmony and breathing out negativity, disease and disharmony… there are many forms of breath exercises that can be done.

However, in my experience, It’s very important to maintain this particular Breath practice when trying to alleviate natural tension or restore better function (Breathing in through the nose and exhaling a releasing Hawww sound out of the mouth) In an effort to resolve spontaneous dysfunction, pains, headaches or tensions. Releasing Hawww sound especially, when you are experiencing palpitations, anxiety or worry as well; slow and steady but exaggerated breaths. Immediately followed by holding water in your mouth for 10sec or more (b4 & after breath) remember this practice is to be done 3x’s/hr. In my next blog, I’ll express the importance of hydration “the second neglected need”. Speak with you again soon.

J Emanuel Hodge MSAOM, HHP
Integrative Medicine Physician

How MCT Oil Can Benefit Your Holistic Health Regimen

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MCT oil (medium-chain triglyceride oil) is a supplement that is steadily growing in popularity amongst health, fitness, and holistic communities. It is an oil that possesses fats that are medium-length chains and are typically derived from coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and dairy products. This easily digestible structure is said to possess certain health benefits, which can accompany a holistic health regimen. Although not all care for MCT oil, it has regularly been an integral part of the ketogenic diet (keto) and many individuals swear by this supplement due to its valued potential health benefits. If you’re exploring the option of adding MCT oil into your daily holistic health regimen, continue reading to find out more about this amazing supplement!


  1. Utilize MCT oil as an effective weight loss aid.


Losing weight can be challenging for many individuals, and although there are endless products marketing to aid in weight loss, many of them are potentially harmful or even dangerous for the body. For this reason, finding a natural alternative that can assist in losing weight is an incredible discovery, and as science seems to show, MCT may be used as a weight loss aid.

  • A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that “Clinical studies have shown that consumption of medium-chain triacylglycerols (MCTs) leads to greater energy expenditure than does the consumption of long-chain triacylglycerols. Such studies suggest that MCT consumption may be useful for weight management.”
  • Another report written by Wang et al. states, “It has been shown that MCT plays a role in lowering weight, and decreasing metabolic syndrome, abdominal obesity and inflammation.”


  1. Boost your brain power and get your tasks done.


Life can often times become stressful with so many tasks to complete every week, not to mention any emotional, personal, and mental challenges that can enter the mix. At times, some may feel like their brain needs a little extra boost. Being able to strengthen your brain power not only helps you get more done but it also, in turn, decreases stress and anxiety levels because procrastination has less of an opportunity to affect you. The better we are at staying on top of the workload and maintaining a balance, the more enjoyable life becomes often times. This is where MCT oil might just be able to play its role. Some studies have shown the potential of medium-chain triglyceride oil to boost brain power so that you can get what you need to complete accomplished. Because MCT oil turns into ketones when it enters the body, it has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier easily, thus powering up the brain quickly. This extra added power can, in turn, be used to get the tasks you want to complete accomplished.

  • report published in BMC Neuroscience states, “Ketone bodies are an efficient alternative fuel for cells that are unable to metabolize glucose or are ‘starved’ of glucose.” Ketones essentially raise the blood level of ketones, therefore assisting the brain in greater energy production.


  1. Improve the quality of your workout or fitness program.


Maintaining a regular fitness regimen and committing to frequent exercise is an important part of staying healthy. MCT oil may be able to provide assistance in improving the quality of a workout or fitness program. While long-chain triglycerides may not be able to be all there for you, medium-chain triglycerides can potentially amplify things to the next level.

  • In a study published by the Journal of Nutrition, after fed an MCT-enhanced diet, mice performed better in a swimming endurance test, increasing their swim capacity. This suggests that MCT oil may potentially increase endurance in not only mice but humans as well.


  1. Prevent heart disease and live your best life.


Around 610,000 people die from heart disease every year in the United States alone, so tragically it can be said that heart disease is a serious condition that affects many individuals globally. Science shows that a healthy diet, regular exercise, limiting alcohol and refraining from smoking all help to prevent heart disease, but additionally some evidence expresses that MCT oil may potentially prevent heart disease, supporting you to live your very best life.

  • study conducted by Bourke et al. discovered that the consumption of MCT oil improved the “overall cardiovascular risk profile of overweight women.”
  • Another article published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that consuming MCTs was more effective at reducing markers of cardiovascular disease in hypertriglyceridemic patients in comparison to if long-chain triglycerides were consumed (LCTs).


Although more studies do need to be conducted in regards to the ways in which MCT oil can impact and improve day to day life and challenges that arise, there is some hope and promise in regards to how this dietary supplement is already expressing its ability to be of aid.


If you are located in the San Diego, California area and are interested in becoming a holistic health practitioner, ICOHS is a non-profit, accredited vocational school offering a specialized, tailored-to-you Holistic Health Practitioner program. Reach out to ICOHS today and request more information.

Careers Advisor Meeting Female College Student

An ICHOS Success Story

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This month we are sharing a success story of one of our graduates from the Massage Therapy Program, Melanie Zenor.  Melanie is working as a massage therapist at the Sorrento Valley location of a local luxury wellness spa called Eco Chateau and is thriving doing what she loves.

Life Motto: Collect Moments, not Things!

Hometown: Carlsbad, CA

Lived in San Diego: Born & Raised

Hobbies: Hiking, sports, going to concerts, going to the beach and reading.

What made your ICOHS education meaningful: My education at ICOHS was wonderful!  The school did an excellent job of preparing me for a career in massage. I enjoyed all of my classes and the teachers.  I think what makes this school so different is the dedication of the staff to provide us with a unique learning experience that will make us better practitioners.  I always looked forward to going to my classes and really enjoyed the experiential education, which is a lot more than I can say for other traditional schools I have attended.  Looking back on my time at ICOHS, I really value all the knowledge and experience I gained, which has led me to begin a rewarding and successful career. 

Something that people would be surprised to know about you: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

Special Skills: Cranial Sacral Therapy, Aromatherapy

What you LOVE about what you do: I love helping people and making them feel better! It’s also wonderful watching them progress as their pain becomes lessened and their lives improve.

Kale, And the Rise of Dehydrated Healthy Snacks

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Kale is the recently infamous “Super Food” due to its impressive nutritional content of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants, providing a great source of vitamin K, A, C, omega fatty acids, flavonoids, iron, and calcium. These nutrients help keep our bodies healthy by regulating blood clotting, building cell membranes in our brain, and protecting against heart disease and stroke. 

Since fresh kale has a short shelf life, preserving it while keeping all its nutrients and benefits is a concern when introducing packaged Kale products to the market. It is worthy to mention that cooking, baking or pasteurizing of food, means sacrificing a large amount of their nutritional benefits, while adding chemical preservatives has been linked to a plethora of health issues that the health-conscious public are, rightly so, trying to avoid. 

So, how can we preserve food and make it readily available to everyone without draining it from its benefits, or adding harmful chemicals to it? The answer is food dehydration, and it is a very old solution that some packaged food manufacturers are starting to use when making their packaged products.  

Food dehydration is one of the oldest methods of food preservation known to mankind. The process of drying, inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeasts, and mold through the removal of water. This process was used by prehistoric peoples to preserve seeds by sun-drying, to store food for later consumption during the harsh winter months. It is worthwhile noting that unlike most other preservation techniques, dehydration does not breakdown the enzymes and nutrients, thus preserving all the goodness by keeping food in its “Raw” state. 

Kips Kale Chips, a newly founded San Diego based company, is using food dehydration to produce raw and heathy kale chips. They only add natural ingredients to make their healthy product tasty, providing snack lovers with a guilt-free, nutrient filled, bag of goodness, proving that healthy and tasty can coexist.The recent rise in childhood obesity and diabetes is now becoming a world-wide pandemic. Therefore, finding alternatives to sugar and hydrogenated-oil filled snacks should be a priority, especially to parents trying to raise a healthy family. Luckily, companies such as Kips Kale Chips, make it easier to switch to a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste or flavor.


  • Fares R Srouji –

Kips Dehydrated Foods L.L.C.

Is sitting too long killing you?

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We’ve all heard about the dangers of spending too much time sitting down at work. But how much sitting is too much sitting? According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting for long periods of time can have ill effects on the cardiovascular system, and lead to early mortality. However, they found that activity for 60-75 minutes per day can help combat the effects of too much sitting.

Engaging in some of these helpful tips can help you achieve more balance at work and with your body.

  • Take a break from sitting every 30 minutes.
  • Stand while talking on the phone or watching television.
  • If you work at a desk, try a standing desk — or improvise with a high table or counter.
  • Walk with your colleagues for meetings rather than sitting in a conference room.
  • Position your work surface above a treadmill — with a computer screen and keyboard on a stand or a specialized treadmill-ready vertical desk — so that you can be in motion throughout the day.


Health benefits of Dandelion root

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For years I have heard about the benefits of all the ‘backyard weeds’ that can be harvested for medicinal purposes. I never really took it all that seriously or even gave it much thought to be honest. This past Spring, I decided I wanted to take a shot at learning what ‘weeds’ I had growing in my yard. I downloaded a few apps, and utilized a few plant Identification websites.

Some plants are very obvious and cannot be easily mistaken, so I jumped in and decided I would take on one at a time. During the course of learning about purslane, plantain, violets and violets, I realized that I was also completely overrun by dandelions. Come to find out, what most homeowners think of as an invasive weed is actually completely edible from root to leaves.

I found myself scouring my yard looking for the very best specimens I could find -digging it up by the roots. I tried the leaves. I will be honest here. Not very tasty to me. The root however surprised me very much. I was a little nervous at first. Triple checking to make sure I was indeed correct, then dived in. My husband thought I was a bit nutty. I diced the roots really tiny and Ryder roasted them in an iron skillet until they were nice and toasted then after cooking for a few minutes, tossed them into my coffee grinder to make a nice ‘coffee’ of them. Next I brewed it just like I would coffee.

Apparently in many places the root has been used as a caffeine free coffee substitute. So my husband and myself were now my guinea pigs. What s shock! Sweet and nutty. This was honestly the best cup of herbal brew I think I have ever had. Hubby actually liked it too! Off I went back to the yard to search for some specimens that were large enough to have good roots! I can’t wait for next Spring!

-Cindy Edmonson

Natural Mosquito Repellents

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On August 23 ICoHS was asked by a local FOX network TV station to do a segment on Natural Mosquito Repellents. Our Academic Coordinator, Shari Grayson, rose to the occasion and made her first TV appearance like a pro.

Here are some natural ways (all Julie Plunkett approved!) to combat pesky mosquitos (summer may soon be over, but mosquito season is not):

  • Wear light colored clothing (mosquitos like dark colors and dark places)
  • Stay covered with long pants and long sleeves
  • Avoid areas of standing water
  • Keep the air moving (fans on and blowing)
  • Plant mosquito repellent plants in your yard – rosemary, lavender, basil, mint, geranium
  • Use a yard spray such as Theraneem Yard Spray when enjoying the outdoors on your property
  • Burn a Citronella candle or Citronella incense
  • Use essential oils to create a room spray or body spray and apply to your ankles, neck, arms (re-apply every 2 hrs.) Alternatively, use natural (deet-free) commercial products like Badger,
  • Buzz Away or All-Terrain sprays/lotions
  • Avoid bananas because mosquitos love the smell of bananas from your pores
  • Take vitamin B1 as mosquitos do not like the smell of it coming from your pores
  • Try some of the above suggestions and enjoy the rest of your summer mosquito-free!